Sunday, March 18, 2012

Decorating the Man Cave

For the men in your life ~ husband, father, son, son-in-law, boyfriend, etc.
Each one of them wants a man cave.  You know what I'm talking about,
a room focused on a flat screen, plasma or LCD HD TV.  That great big 
60 to 72" or more black rectangle sitting on the wall.  To them, it is
heaven.  To us, well not so much.

Every time my hubby goes shopping with me at Costco, he is mesmerized by the 
biggest flat screen available.  I won't even mention the remote because that's a whole
other topic.  I swear that men are born with a channel scanning gene that we are
somehow missing. 

But, I can't complain too much.  My hubby lives with shabby chic furniture and lots
of floral prints.  He never complains.  So here is my suggestion for bringing a bit of
vintage coziness into that masculine domain.  

Vintage books.  I found mine at a book sale at Catholic University in Washington, DC.
A vintage looking clock from a thrift shop and a vintage sketching of a couple of 
dogs from an antique shop in Leesburg, VA.

Oh and this cigar smoking bull dog.  You get my drift ...

Bentley ~ I caught you watching golf with your Daddy.  Just don't start 
channel scanning too!

Susan and Bentley


  1. All men love big TVs and who wouldn't want a cigar smoking bulldog? Mimi

  2. Susan that is a nice gesture on your part. I think I should do that too,but goodness knows where. I think the cigar smoking bulldog is supposed to represent Sir Winston Churchill,past Prime Minister of England.
    xx jeanetteann

  3. Love the music Susan! Todd is like your husband. He puts up with all my decorating muses and foibles without complaint. I think we're both lucky. Love the cigar smoking bulldog and that sweet sketch of the chair! xxoo

  4. I love the cigar smoker so cute. My poor husband has no cave just the living room. It is not to
    girly though. Great idea.

  5. Great post. YOu know you will never have to worry about the BIG tv, David could always just build a wall to accomodate it! lol. I am working on Dan's "sailing room", as we speak. I will blog about it when I am done!
    Bentley, who is winning at golf? Arf!

  6. Susan ~ what great ideas. Thank you so much. We are looking at a new house and Mr. V. says that it MUST have a man cave. I am spinning thinking about decorating a man cave. More please ~ ;-)

  7. Your man cave looks very nice, I love the clock. You make me so thankful that we don't have a TV, so I don't have to worry about a big black thing to decorate around.
    Have a lovely Spring day, Cindy


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