Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rise and Shine Breakfast Tray

I don't know about you, but I am not a rise and shine kind of girl.
I can get up early and do, but it always takes me a while to fully wake up.
One morning I put frozen blueberries in the coffee grinder.  To say that
I wake up slowly is an understatement.

Hubby on the other hand, is not only an early riser but a cheerful and
an energetic one.  So here is a rise and shine breakfast tray just for him.

A wicker tray, a vintage tea towel and juice glass.
A vintage scale and hen.

And a farmer's fresh cream pitcher filled with carnations.
Rise and shine!

I am joining ~


Bentley ~ thank you for making sure that Momma gets up on time
every morning.  You are my dear little alarm clock.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan,
    I LOVE your Hubby's breakfast tray! I am a NIGHT OWL "Not" a morning person! Although if I have places to go and people to meet "I'M UP"!!! My Hubby is like yours... "LOVE the Red and White", it looks SO FANTASTIC with the vintage tea towel!
    Big Hugs to you and Lil Bentley

  2. What a pretty breakfast tray. I do get up early, but I like to take my time in my jammies in the morning, eating my breakfast, drinking me tea, checking all on the computer and watching Bob Newhart! I guess that makes me an early morning, multi-tasker! lol Bentley, if you were here, you could set on my lap, while Aunt Robin does all that!

  3. What a pretty breakfast tray! I would wake up early & happy every morning if I was greeting with this!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! I have a vintage tablecloth very similar to yours. Uh oh! I think you've inspired me.....I might just have to put together something and credit your inspiration! Thanks!

  5. What an adorable breakfast tray! Love the red and blue...just the cutest ever! Miss Bloomers

  6. What a fun breakfast tray! I am not a rise and shine kind of gal either. Takes me awhile to wake up but this would put me in the mood for a yummy breakfast!

  7. Beautiful! Lovely blog, I'm a new follower!
    Anne ♥♥

  8. I love the cheeriness of your breakfast tray composition, Susan! In our household, I'm the cheerful early riser and hubby prefers sleeping in. By the way, you didn't mention Bentley's preference. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday this week. It's always fun to have you join.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  9. I love your vintage tablescape. Can I join you? You always do such a great job!

  10. I have that same sweet little creamer. I of course love all the red and white. So bright and cheery.

  11. so cute! love all the color. i am not a morning person other...not at all...i'm a night owl!

  12. What an adorable breakfast tray! Waking up with such a tag allows the morning light. I wish you a wonderful day! Zinnias

  13. If I arose to find a place setting like that, I would surely shine! :)

    Brilliant Red Flowers

  14. What a pretty tray! I am also slow to wake up. I usually wake up early, but my husband knows not to talk to me too much for at least an hour!


  15. I am definitely not a morning person. I do have my breakfast but never on a tray like this.

  16. What a lucky guy! We're both Early risers..thanks to Shadow and hi 6 cat's.....but it's
    all I can do to get his lunch made and a breakfast bar..LOL.

  17. We are slow at our house too...NOTHING happens (except feeding the vociferous cat) until a cup of tea has gone down! Such a pretty setting! Happy VTT

  18. So very pretty indeed! I just want to come over and have tea. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  19. I will admit to being a cheerful early riser, too, like your husband. I hit the floor runnin'! There's just something so great about the morning! No phones ringing, no outside world to think about (yet!). It's wonderful! I would love it if I had a cheery breakfast tray like this waiting for me each morning. It would make the day even more special!!!

  20. Your breakfast tray vignette is adorable. Love that vintage tea towel.

  21. Just darling Susan! I love this vintage display, just so cute and happy. Thanks for finding me. It has been a process, but I am getting there slowly but surely! Have a great weekend.

  22. Beautiful! I'm not a morning person either but I do love making breakfast. What a sweet way to treat yourself and your man!

  23. Love the sweet container. A lot. What a great breakfast tray. Very pretty. xo marlis

  24. What a pretty breakfast tray! So bright and cheery!

  25. Lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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