Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Mom's House Ready For Sale

Mom and I are fluffing up her house for sale.  It's always
such a bittersweet time.   Mom and Daddy moved to Boise
from Arizona two years after we moved here.  It was a sacrifice
for them to do so because they had a really lovely condo on a
golf course and lots of friends to leave behind. 

But they did it to be close to us.  I am their only child and
we had they opportunity to spend much more time together.
I was always living in different cities all across the map and
the globe.  Finally we were all in one spot for a while.

When Mom and Daddy bought this house it was very sad looking.
Mom never liked this house very much, but they bought it principally
for it's lovely location which you will see later on in this post.   That is
me in the portrait over the sofa.  When I was younger my entire life was
spent on horseback.  Everyone joked that I always smelled like a stable.
It never bothered me because all I wanted to do was sail over the
fences on the back of my horse.  If Ralph Lauren ever develops a 
fragrance that smells like a tack room ~ I will be the first to 
buy it!  Hint to Ralph Lauren!!

With the help of my husband's construction business, Mom and Daddy
tweaked this house quite a bit.  Out came the tacky ranch molding and up
went crown molding in every room.  They added chair rail and shadow
boxes for depth and architectural interest.

Before Mom and Daddy moved in, David and I knocked down a
wall off the entry that used to enclose a bedroom.  It opened up this
sweet little study/TV room to the entry off the living room.  We put
in the bookcases too.  That's Daddy's flag that was presented to Mom
by the Air Force after his death.  I can still picture Daddy sitting
in his comfy leather chair watching television.  I still miss him so.

Here is the dining room.  Mom never liked this room much
because it is so much smaller that the big dramatic one in the
condo they left behind.  But it's saving grace is that it opens up
to the sunroom.  More about that later.

Mom has several lovely French chairs that have moved all over
this house.  Somehow to her, they never had a "happy home"
anywhere in this house.  I disagree, but that's just my opinion.

This is the hallway that leads down to the bedrooms.  When we
put up this chair rail we had no idea how helpful it was going to be
for Daddy.  His Alzheimer's made him a bit unsteady on his feet.
He was too proud to use a walker, so he held on to the rail to
keep him steady while he walked down the hall.  It worked out
quite well.

In one of the wonderful old houses that Mom lived in long
ago, there was a butler's pantry.   She missed it so a new one
was created in a corner of her kitchen.   Can you tell that she
loves blue and white?

When Mom and Daddy were debating on whether or not to buy this house,
Mom told Daddy that the only way she would move in was if he put on a
solarium.  So Daddy designed this room and my husband David built it.
It's a bright and light filled room that takes advantage of the lovely view.
It's the first thing people notice when they come into the house because there
is a straight view of it from the front door.

The room has a cathedral ceiling and showcases the pond and the beautiful huge
weeping willow tree outside.

Of course you know how much Bentley loves his grandma and she
spoils him.  Bet you couldn't guess.

Mom and Daddy always had their breakfast at this little bistro table.

Here is the back of their house and this view is the reason they were willing
to take a sad and forlorn little house and create a little jewel box of a home.

David built this mini pergola on the side of the house just for this swing.  Daddy's
Alzheimer's kept him feeling very restless and this swing was the perfect medicine.
It is in a shady spot nestled up to the chimney and overlooks this pretty plum tree ...

David and I bought this flowering plum for $20 at Kmart.  I can still remember
bringing it over in the back of our truck to surprise Mom and Daddy.  It was
so little when we planted it for them but it grew into a beauty.

Here is another pergola that David built.  It covers the brick patio off the
solarium.  A pretty pink crabapple tree's branches hang over it's beams.

Mom's meditation garden.  She has always been fascinated by
Japanese gardens.

Another pic of the crabapple in bloom.  

Mom and Daddy brought this tree bench with them.  It was in the front garden
of their condo.  We will bring it with us to Victoria as well.  Mom will have to
decide which great old live oak to set it around.

Word around the neighborhood has gotten out that Mom is planning
to sell her house.  Mom had been a bit overwhelmed by the people 
stopping and asking her about it despite the fact that it is not 
technically on the market yet.  

It will be hard to say goodbye.  Although Mom did not like this
house much at the beginning, she grew to love it and will miss it.
It will be hard for me too.  I can see my Daddy in every room and
miss his laughter,  the way his eyes crinkled up when he smiled, watching
him happily humming and swinging on his swing, and the way he
loved to feed the ducks and geese who swim on the pond.  The end
of an era, yet the beginning of a new one.  Thank you for joining me
on this tour and on my trip down memory lane.  When I write the
post on my own little cottage I will be sobbing like a baby all over again.

Happily Joining ~

Don't worry Bentley ~ grandma is sure to let you sit
on a chair at her dining room table in Victoria, Texas too!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, the only constant in life is change, this will be good, and another lovely cottage to create. Your parents' home is beautiful and will sell fast. Wishing all of you the best! xo

  2. What a beautiful home filled with love! Sorry about your dad.

  3. I enjoyed taking this "memory tour" with you. I think her house is lovely. What a spectacular solarium and view !!!!! Loving the pond and big trees. Your David is very gifted in his craft...Does he hire out ?? ha ha ha
    Memories certainly have a way of Filling a Home

  4. What a beautiful home. I can see why you have so many memories here. And such precious ones!! I know you won't have any trouble selling this pretty home. I'm sure after you get all settled in in Victoria, everyone will be glad to be all together. And new memories will be made.


  5. What a gorgeous home! And the view!!! Wow! I can see falling in love with the view and everything else coming after. So many lovely memories here of your parents. Your David comes in handy! I'm sure your Mom's house will sell quickly and all of you will be busy in Victoria building a new chapter in your life. Hugs--

  6. Your Mom's house is really beautiful, and I'm sure she'll miss it. Any move is emotional for sure. So good that she can take some of her special treasures with her. I'm so thankful you all are moving together, I took care of my parents in our home for the last 7 years, and I would do it over again in a heartbeat, treasure so much that time together and I know you'll feel the same. It's not always easy but so worth it. Hugs ~ Mary

  7. A stunning beautiful home ! Oh you and me both sister , I was on our farm with my horse as a kid and I to want a fragrance that smells like tack , I have always loved the smell of horse and tack ! Those pictures on the hall walls look familiar English riders on their Hunters and fox hounds by their feet ready for the hunt . Being of Brit decent we had all kinds of that print on the farm lol ! Thanks for sharing . I hope all goes smoothly for you ! Have a good day !

  8. Hello Susan...What a totally charming and lovely home. Oh, how sad your Mama must be to leave it, and with so many memories. But, like you said, end of one era, beginning of another. Wow, you've had to move around a lot. Must be job-related. Hope you eventually get to call some place home forever. Thanks for sharing the lovely home photos. Susan

  9. Susan, this is a jewel box of a home! I can see the love that went into making this a beautiful home for your mom and dad. I think it is very special that your mom is moving to Victoria with you and David and Bentley. I suspect this home will sell quickly. Wish I had that butler's pantry and a few pieces of that beautiful blue and white. '-)

  10. beautiful post and beautiful house. best wishes on the move

  11. What a lovely home, and their love and your and David's love all together made it truly special and beautiful.

    Love the stories.

    So sad to move, so sad to lose a parent............may you all be blessed with a wonderful new life in Victoria!

    Your Mom's house will sell fast, it 's AWESOME.

  12. Such a gorgeous and a beautiful tribute to your parents and husband. I'm sure it will sell quickly. The memories will last a lifetime.

  13. The first thing I noticed is that you called your father "daddy". My parents were always mother and daddy to me. My sister called my father dad.

    Your parents, you and your husband created a lovely home on that gorgeous pond. It will be hard to sell, but I am guessing you are all moving to Victoria, Texas. Is that in hill country?

    Good luck on the sales and move.

  14. such a lovely home that you and your husband helped them create. just beautiful. love all the molding, bookcases, pergolas and special touches. Even the slipcover on the sofa in the sunroom is wonderful!

  15. I think that this is one of the most touching and heartwarming posts I have ever read. It IS the end of an era...I feel it in every picture of this outstanding, beautiful home that you have so many memories in. I wish you and your mom (and David) all the best in your move. We will all be following along, encouraging you and keeping you in our thoughts.


  16. Beautiful, bittersweet memories. This touched my heart. Blessings to you, David and your Mom. xoxo

  17. What a sweet blog. Change is always hard but its great that your mom has you to guide her along.

    Came by from

  18. What a beautiful home that was created from you and your family's loving hands.

  19. What a beautiful story and cherished memories. You will build new ones in Victoria, TX. The home is a beauty!! My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  20. Bonsoir Susan, l'histoire de la maison de tes parents m'a beaucoup touchée. Je trouve que les maisons où on a vécu avec beaucoup d'amour sont chargées d'émotion c'est toujours un déchirement de les quitter. C'est une magnifique maison, je vous souhaite de la vendre rapidement maintenant que la décision est prise. Nouvelle vie à vous tous. Bisous

  21. This is such a great story! Memories are a wonderful blessing to have! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back! Have a great day,Nicole

  22. I guess that I am going to be crying all week with all of the talk and memories about moms. What a wonderful home you all created for your parents! I hope that your mother will be happy in her new place, as well. Wishing you both a fabulous day on Sunday!!

  23. You all have made the little house into a magnificent home!! No wonder it is sad for you to go through the pains of selling it. The house is beautiful, the back yard is fabulous, no doubt it will sell fast.

  24. What a bitter-sweet time. I was the child that moved away - my siblings were all near Mom and Dad. They helped take care of Dad when Emphysema took over and finally took him. Mom sold the family home to my youngest sister and her family. She and my brother moved in together and when she got cancer, my youngest sister took her back in. We have a lot of memories in that house too - lots of laugher and tears. I am impressed with all the marvelous work put into your parent's home -I am sure it will find a loving new home owner.
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  25. What a beautiful home. It's hard to move to the next stage sometimes. We are doing this with one of my parents also. Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home.

  26. Oh this is so hard! Your Mother's home is gorgeous. I love all of the detail that your Mom and Dad envisioned and your wonderful husband built. Simply amazing. They sure did turn it into a jewel box. I admire your determination to find the perfect home for the three of you. I am sure it will be beautiful.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  27. That is a beautiful home. It is so warm and traditional and that pond out back is amazing! Reminiscing is hard sometimes, isn't it?

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