Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Will Miss My Laundry Room

One of the many things I will miss about my cottage here in Idaho is my laundry room/
pantry.  This room was converted from an old back porch and has windows all around
making it always bright and cheerful.  Of course you know me, and it received a few
decorative touches because that's just what I do.

David added open shelves above the washer and dryer that not only store
laundry soap, etc, but baskets filled with extra towels and a 
picnic basket or two.  This old thermometer was in the house when we
bought it.  I hope whoever buys our house loves this vintage piece too.

The shelves go right up to the ceiling.  So handy.

At the other end of the back porch is room for baskets.  I can only imagine
what the movers will say when they see all of my baskets!  Oh and of course 
the pantry shelves that David built for me.

I try to keep them neat and organized, but they don't always stay that way.

Did I ever tell you that I do not own a microwave?  Yes it's true.  I had one years ago
but did not use it much.  That's why we have one of these old fashioned hand crank
popcorn poppers.  Easy to use and it makes yummy popcorn.  Popcorn is one of the
very few things that David prepares and trust me, he has turned it into an art form!

I always walk down to our local co-op, so these totes come in handy.

And I have one of these French market baskets too.

I don't know if I will be able to get our milk in glass bottles in Victoria.  I sure
have enjoyed buying it this way.  The milk tastes better and it's so eco friendly to
recycle the bottles.

My cute vintage laundry bag.   Don't use it, but I love to look at it.

Some extra quilt storage in a primitive jelly cabinet.

This vintage clothes pin apron is one of my treasures.  I really do hang laundry
out on the line too.

Seems silly to get all weepy and sentimental about a laundry room/pantry,
but hey ~ that's just me.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley ~ we should show your treatie jar one of these days.
It's very important to you and we won't forget to bring it down
to Texas!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Well we do spend quite a bit of time in the laundry room, and yours is so awfully cute ... yes, I can imagine that you will miss it. But I also know that you will make the new one look just as wonderful! Hugs ~ Mary

  2. What an adorable place to do laundry and display your fantastic and usable treasures. What a bucolic life you have enjoyed in your lovely home. I know you will make your new nest just as comfy.
    Hugs to you and Bentley,

  3. I love how you used canning jars to store dried noodles, etc. You have some really sweet things. I like the idea of walking to the grocery and glass milk bottles. I haven't seen that for a very long time! Good luck with your move. Thanks for showing us your lovely things.

  4. Sweet Sister,
    I completely understand your sentimental feelings about your home. I would be thinking the same things. Your little back porch, laundry, pantry is so charming. You know that all that charm will soon fill your Texas home, too!
    p.s. Bentley, make sure you find a special place your treats in Texas!

  5. I so understand how you will miss that porch/laundry room. I hope you land in a place that you love even more than the one you are leaving. It will be one of your sweet, fond memories of your life there- xo Diana

  6. I get it - love my laundry room, right off the kitchen. It's so big and bright and a pleasure to be in. I don't know if I could go back to doing laundry in a basement.

  7. Such a sweet laundry room/pantry, the perfect thing for a cottage.

  8. How lovely,so many gorgeous treasures,I could spend hours in there. I'm sure you will create a similar space in your next home. x

  9. If I had your laundry room I would miss it to. Mine is in the basement and surround by concrete.
    Yours is cheery mine would fit right in a horror show house. Okay I might be going a little to far but I think you might get the idea.

  10. That's a pretty good laundry I would miss it too, mine is full of power tools and golf clubs.

  11. Your laundry room is very lovely. Like how you have everything arranged. Mine is in the garage and I feel like that little boy in Home Alone when he went to the basement to do laundry. I hate the garage. I'm sure you will have a lovely one in your new home.

  12. Susan, it it certainly an awesome pantry laundry room. I am sure you will find a way to make another great space when you move..
    Love, Mona

  13. Your pantry is lovely, but you can still surround yourself with the things you love once you move! (I do love your pantry/laundry room!)

  14. Hi Susan, Just wanted to say hello and good-bye! May you be blessed and enjoy this new chapter of your life. My blog is growing each month a wee bit. I so enjoy blogging. Wish I had one of those wee little quilts. Your laundry room is very sweet. I can see why you will miss it! Thanks for just being you!
    Blessings, Roxy

  15. When you spend the time making your house a home, it is hard to leave it. I have put more time, energy and love into our present home than any others house. I can't imagine moving from it.

    Good luck selling and creating a new home.

  16. Love your laundry room!

    - The Tablescaper

  17. Your laundry room and pantry is so pretty. I love the laundry bag and the clothes pin bag.


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