Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Vintage Hat Rack Has a New Home

In my cottage back in Idaho, my vintage hat rack was in the front entry.
You can see how it looked here.  I decided it needed a new home in this house,
so I moved it to the back hall off the breezeway that leads to the garage.
And here is how it looks now.

 I hung it above the jelly cabinet that I painted this past summer.
Remember that cabinet?  It used to look like this.

Now it is additional pantry space.  Who doesn't need more pantry space?

If I made jams and jellies I would store them here, but I never have had the time
to make my own.  Perhaps one day.

I love these vintage blue jars.  I never use them for storage because I
really like to use them as vases instead.

So here they both are in their new home.  I still have a few things
to add to this hallway.  Like a big chalkboard.  It's my newest
DIY project.  Any notes left for me on this chalkboard
should read ~

Remember to bring your shopping list!

I always go to the store without it ;-)

Okay Bentley ~ do you have any place in mind where 
I should hang the hook that holds your leash???

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hello Susan and Bentley - I love where you put the vintage hat rack. Looks perfect there! Also, dearly love all of those hats.


  2. A perfect combination. They look very nice together.

  3. How lucky you found a spot for it, just perfect in your new home. love the cabinet

  4. Susan, it looks just perfect there over the jelly cabinet. So glad that you are able to incorporate all your gorgeous antiques into your decor. Lovely!

  5. Susan, I love that hat rack, and the jelly cabinet. I would love one here, I'd squeeze it in someplace! And your vintage jars, love them too. If they could talk, what good recipes we'd get. ;-) xo

  6. Ok that looks fabulous! I love it! Enjoy! I am stopping by From the Homemaking Party today. I look forward to your visit soon at

  7. Hi Susan, I have a hat rack just like that. It looks great in its new place with what you have displayed on it.
    Have a great rest of your week,

  8. I always forget my shopping list, too! You are doing a wonderful job of bringing your cottage character to your new home.

  9. Love hats and coats by back door...casual look. I have to ask, how is Mom enjoying her new space?

  10. Bentley wants his leash in a basket on your hat rack...Love your old jars..

  11. Mine should read remember to bring your shopping bags. Your hat rack looks perfect in its new space. xo Laura

  12. Great look! The textures of the hats and purse are wonderful contrast to the jelly cupboard. Bentley does deserve his own hook!

  13. Looks great in its new home! I like to use hat racks because there is much texture that one can add with different hats, jackets, or scarves.

  14. It looks like you're settling in beautifully to your home - your vintage hat rack looks lovely over the jelly cabinet - I could ALWAYS use more pantry space! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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