Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dear Diary

Remember when you were a young girl and you used to keep a diary?
It was a place where your innermost secrets were stored.   I remember
keeping one for a few years.  Although I no longer have those early ones
I recall that the pages were filled with where I went and who I saw and
of course my latest crush.  Back then it was so much about the "boy 
du jour".  

But as I got older I no longer took the time to record my every move.
I kept the boys in my life around a bit longer and eventually decided on 
the one who would be around permanently.  Then the diary creeped back
into my life.  I received this one for Christmas I believe.  The opportunity
for entries was limited, but that was fine with me because the book was 
filled with lovely images created by Mary Emmerling.

I took the time to make brief entries each day.  There was not much soul 
searching done.  It was more of a listing of daily events.  I went to lunch
with ... or we attended a party at this house ... or I saw this movie.
Quite dull now that I read back through those entries.  Yet I learned so
much about the young woman I used to be.  She was growing and
exploring despite the self absorbed entries there were glimpses of a
woman who was developing new interests and taking the world head on.

Relatives still gave me desk calendars in the years to come, but I was
too busy to write in them.  Obviously someone had discovered I 
thought Mary Engelbreit's work was charming and I received a few
these diaries.  There were some half hearted attempts to jot down some
notes, but nothing else.  It is a shame because it would be fun to go down
memory lane.

Of course we don't call them diaries anymore.  We are far more
sophisticated than that.  They are now called journals.  So much is
devoted to the craft of journaling.  There are magazines, and beautiful
leather bound journals.  We are told that journaling will lower stress 
levels.  Kids in grades schools must make journal entries.  I think these
are all fine and I am impressed at the creativity expressed in these
journal entries.

You can really create whatever you like within your journal.  You can
free your inner artist while pouring out your soul.  It's your choice.

But for me, I believe I have evolved beyond the "selfie" stage of diary
keeping.  Now I love to read journals about the daily life of others.  I become
absorbed in the commonness of chores and the rhythm of life that includes
gardening, cooking caring for children and pets.  

These have inspired me to go out a purchase a spiral notebook, or perhaps
even better, a spiral art book with blank pages to record the little and 
wondrous things and events that occur each day.  The ones we don't 
always take the time to notice.  Or to perhaps record all of the newness
that I am experiencing here in Texas.  The sayings, the customs the
personality of this new home.

Sarah Turnbull did it so very well in her travel memoir.
If you have not read this yet, please do.  It is delightful!

That's it for my ramblings today.  Maybe I should start keeping
a journal about Bentley's days.  He is so fascinating!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. A fascinating post. I used to have little diaries with a key ;) which really kept my secrets, whatever they were back then. A blog is a bit of a journal/diary, we can look back and see what we were cooking/decorating/thinking two or three years ago. But I'm like you, these days I'd rather read biographies and memoirs. Just home from the library with a few of the "New Books" that I love to grab just inside the entrance.

    Hugs ~ Mary

  2. I start a diary every year but always forget to keep it up I will try again this year.

  3. Susan ~ I am thinking now about all of the little diaries that I used to keep and wondering wherever did they go? It would be fun just to look at them on a rainy day. I love to read the journals of others, especially women in the 1800's, prairie wives, working women. I just finished a book about a dutch lady Corrie Ten Boom. I have be re-reading the "Hiding Place". What a wonderful book. I forgot about it and went through a few old boxes of books that I have in the basement and came upon this one again. What a joy to read. If you have not read this book, I truly would recommend it. Have a great day ~ I am trying to start a "gardening" journal this year. We'll see how far I get with this one ;-)

  4. I have never really kept a diary/journal. I had a simple one in a notebook when I was a teenager. After I was older & read it I was so embarrassed by it I threw it all away!

    I've actually started keeping a garden journal & have really enjoyed that much more. It's mostly photographs of what's growing in my garden when, who gave me each plant, what the weather was like, ect. I have loved going back through it & think I might actually be able to keep it going.

  5. Like you, I've kept diaries and journals and notes in the blocks of calendars. After all these years they are fun to look back on. I find that my blog is somewhat of a diary these days.

  6. I've tried but never stay consistent...I should do better. Guess blogging is my diary...


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