Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is This the Face of a Killer???

Look at this face ~ the epitome of sweetness ...


Don't for one minute be fooled by this look of innocence and goodwill.  

If Bentley happens to want to go outside at 5 am and runs into a possum 
in his yard, this mild mannered darling turns into one ferocious hunter!

This is what happened this morning.  Bentley spotted the possum and
the chase began.  Across the yard.  Through all of the 4 foot and 5 foot 
high tropicals they ran.  Bentley's daddy tried to intervene, but 
Bentley was having none of it.  Finally David was able to distract 
Bentley for long enough that the possum was able to make a run for
one of the big old oak trees.  David grabbed Bentley and brought him
inside but not before Toby the Jack Russell Terrier who lives next
door was let outside to see what all the ruckus was about.

Bentley the hunter has been lounging about today.
But I know he is waiting for darkness to fall over our yard
in hopes that he will have yet another chance to chase 
the possum.  I think tonight I will put him on a leash.
It's too exhausting chasing after those two!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley the Hunter


  1. Awwww .... he's still my hero, lol!


  2. These dogs were trained to hunt. He won't stop until he has to.

  3. Mollie well..Gotta watch those little tenacious pups..

  4. Little dogs are great protectors! I had two Lhasa Apsos and they kept the deer out of our yard for seventeen years. I miss having little four legged buddies. They're the best!

  5. Terriers were bred for hunting. the only thing I would be worried about is the possum. They have deadly teeth and if it gets ahold of Bentley, it would NOT be pretty. We had a possum in our yard, Mr. V. trapped him and took him away. They are nasty

  6. Hi Susan,
    Bentley is just so cute, I can't get over how much he looks like my Livy dog. I have a photo of her in her dress in my latest posting, also my miniature room box reveal. Come on over and check it out. :)

  7. My girlie is usually the sweetest, snuggliest, calmest dog around, but when squirrels started coming down our chimney... She killed one in our living room!!! Luckily she didn't make a mess, but goodness, I didn't know she had it in her! She was awfully proud of herself, too. Aren't dogs a riot?? :) I agree with Vintage Gal, Bentley might be a tough little guy but possums are meeeean. Be careful!!

  8. Oh my, I can just imagine! One of my fears, that Ellie-Mae will take off after a varmint...our pups don't know how small they are!

  9. LOL, those little guys sure don't take kindly to visitor's do they!

  10. LOL!!! Just like Duke, whom I call 20 lbs. of terror! Aren't they a blast!

  11. I don't blame him for wanting to get rid of that nasty old possum. He was just protecting you. xo Laura

  12. i love bently, love the face, although he is no sophie or piper mccall, (my dogs). my cairn terrier sophie has killed 2 possums. i let her out, also early in the am, heard a hugh ruckus. choose not to intervene since even though i know possums are harmless i am deathly afraid of them. when daylight hit it looked there was so much white fur in the back yard it looked like she had killed a polar bear. i was so hysterical my neighbor had to come over and clean up the mess. it was one of my not happy with my pups moment.

  13. I know those sweet little Yorkies can be little terrors...Mollie stays away from them..They're so cute though..


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