Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Potting Shed Battle

Here is our current potting shed.  I had all kinds of plans for it, but
then David bought a riding lawn mower and now wants a new 
bigger shed to store the riding and other mowers, weed eaters etc.
We have looked at bigger sheds that might accommodate both a
shabby chic potting shed for me and lawn equipment space for
David.  of course in our discussions of how much room each of us
want, battle lines are being drawn.  

I have come up with a solution that may please us both.  Well,
it would certainly please me.  

Two separate sheds!  This would be my ideal because what
I long for (and have longed for many years now) is a cute tiny
cottage complete with a little porch, dutch door and little windows
with flower boxes.  A grown up girl's playhouse.  Y'all know
how we big girls are!

Is this not enchanting???  I just know magic would be created in a spot
like this.   Look at the sweet stepping stones leading to the cottage and
the required Dutch door.  Is that a thatched roof do you think?  And look
at the greenhouse ~ it looks like wicker.  I am head over heels in love!!!

Now just look at the smile on this woman's face.  Of course she is happy.
She has the cutest little space for creative design.  I am taking notes.  Let's see
on the must have list:

Cute table

This is the equivalent to the man cave.  What should we call it?
If men need their space then we do too!  Okay girls, I am 
counting on you to come up with a good name for our space.
This is Mary's special spot.

Of course my potting shed will have baskets hanging from the rafters
because I am a self confessed basketaholic.  When the movers were
packing us up to move to Texas they kept asking me 
"How many baskets DO you have"?
If you didn't know before, now I have said it ~ I have a little problem,
but I am making absolutely no effort to cure it!  Tee hee :-)

The library lover in me is crazy for this old card catalog.  What a 
clever use for it!  Just imagine storing seed packets in this beauty.
I am on the hunt now!

So there you have it.  This is my dream.  I am wishing y'all happy
dreams for this New Year and my hope that all of your dreams
come true!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Curtains in a potting shed now thats different but yes it's a very sweet place.

  2. Yes, I believe it is thatch, it certainly has a Beatrix Potter flare, don't you think? Now I also love the one with the table and hutch, this would have been my first choice until you showed the one with the arm chair that just drew me right in. But no, I think I'll still go with the table and hutch, you could always add a cozy chair. So, now, we've figured that out :)

    I know whatever it is, you'll make it your own and it'll be lovely. We'll call it Susan's Cozy Cottage!

    Hugs ~ Mary

  3. Oh, I like your style! Love all your pics!

  4. Your own potting shed space sounds perfect. When I was a little girl my father built me a playhouse with dutch doors and window boxes. I would want that :)

  5. Susan ~ you are making me giggle and I am coughing at the same time. My potting shed started out to be mine. I had pink gingham curtains and I Loved it. Then Mr. V. moved in the riding lawn mower, the hand mower and the rest is history. Not my potting shed any more. Although it still has pink gingham curtains. ;-)

  6. Susan, we have two that we have next to each other with a gate between. I designed mine by using a Tuff Shed. you may if seen some of my posts on it? It is a great place to dream and relax! Hope your dream comes true in 2014!

  7. Love all the pics, who can choose??? You are lucky to be in Texas, you can have a water line put in and a large sink, the pipes won't freeze in the winter you have winter??? My dream is to have a wooden swing hanging from a large oak tree...........happy new year!!!

  8. Oh Yes, defiantly two different sheds. Besides, you don't want his dirty, stinky power tools messing up your space. LOL

  9. Speaking from a one shed family, somebody's stuff will eventually eek over into your area. Be realistic and invest in two sheds. But don't make it so cutesy wootsey that it is another house to take care of. . . just sayin'

  10. Ever since Mary shared her new potting shed, I've been dreaming for one myself. Have no spot for one, so it will just be a dream. You should definitely have one of your own. From the photos you've shown, you have plenty of room. Go for it!
    Happy New Year!

  11. what fun ideas
    for turning a plain potting shed
    into something fabulous

    i want to let you know
    that Fridays Unfolded
    is back in business
    and invite you to stop by!

    Nancherrow (formerly Stuff and Nonsense)


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