Monday, May 12, 2014

Dollhouse Construction in Progress

Welcome to our family room ~ aka the Texas Rosebud Cottage Construction 
site.  The room is a mess right now.  Perforated sheets of plywood stacked
on TV trays, instructions and blueprints everywhere.  The dollhouse
construction is in full swing.  We started yesterday afternoon.  David
is the construction superintendent.  I am in charge of sanding and

Y'all this is real life. No staging.  I don't dare touch anything at this
station unless I have permission from the boss.

This is the sanding and painting station.  Notice the coffee mug and a 
remote.  Of course the television has been on all throughout this 
process but the boss has the master remote because well he is
 the boss.  He also gets jumpy if the remote is not near reach.
What can I say ~ it's a guy thing.

Back in this section of the family room ~ we lovingly call it our library,
is a tole tray on the ottoman that is now the completed window station.  

This is David's area.  His Exacto knife and next panels ready to cut.

Baggies filled with little pieces that fell out of the box.  Can't lose anything.

Bentley is bored with this project and has tossed his "hot dog" squeaky
toy up on the table.  He's hoping maybe we will notice and ditch this 
project to play with him.   

Construction began yesterday afternoon.  I better get used to the 
family room looking like this because I think that we will be working
on this for a while.  Stay tuned ~ I will keep you updated.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. `Wow. You have a job on your hands. So many bits. Looking forward to the finished house.

  2. This looks exciting! I love dollhouses. I tried that once and I got it together but never fully decorated then gave it to a niece. Good luck with yours.

  3. Wow...this is much more complicated than it looks. Good luck!

  4. I started one a long time ago and gave up - I didn't have a construction boss. How funny that Bentley threw his hot dog on the coffee table. He is feeling neglected and wants your attention.
    Have fun, I'm sure it will be very beautiful when it's finished.

  5. Best wishes with the not-so-mini construction project. Just think of all the fun you'll have with the interior design work!!

  6. Oh how exciting, you are going to cause me to get mine out sooner then I had planned! Can't wait to see more!


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