Friday, May 2, 2014

Live Oaks And Magnolias

Our gardener Carlos and his helpers were here all day today.  We have
these enormous old Live Oaks in our yard both in the back as you
can see here, and in the front too.  They shed their leaves in the spring.
Leaves everywhere and especially on the roof and in the gutters.
But of course they get in the garden beds too.  This pic was taken 
last summer.  So Carlos and his team worked all day and will be
coming back tomorrow too.  It's a big yard and trees and foliage
are everywhere.

Our Magnolia sheds leaves at this time of year too.  This is a very big tree too
and so lovely.  When I saw the yellow leaves I went into a panic, but now
understand that this it what happens to Magnolias at this time of year.
Most of my neighbors have them too but I really think our tree is the

More of the majestic Lives Oaks.  They really are magical trees.
This is also a pic from last summer.

Carlos just started to work on thinning out the huge ginger plants.
He'll be back tomorrow to complete this section.  It's hard to have an
idea just how huge they are.  Taller than me ~ although it's not hard
to be taller than me since I stand a whopping 5'1".  Our handy man
teases me about that 1" all of the time.  Of course he and his helper
are each well over 6'.  But I'm hanging on to that inch ;-)

Oh and Bentley loves to chase cats and possums through all that
ginger.  I tell you what ~ it's downright terrifying to hear them
wrestling around in those big plants.  Especially when it happens
at night!

Thankfully the weather has been beautiful.  Upper 70's to low 80's
with low humidity.  At least we did not have to worry about anyone
getting heat stroke.  

The birds are delighted that all the commotion is over for the day.
Our Cardinal family is out looking for worms and bugs and a 
drink too.  The squirrels are busy getting ready for the evening.  
Bentley and I are going to have some baked chicken and salad
for dinner and watch an old movie.  Where is David?  Well
he is in a three day golf tournament so we won't be seeing much
of him this weekend.  Bentley is not too sad about it because
after all, it will mean more chicken for him!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. so pretty Susan. And magnolias, oh my.

  2. I'm sure your yard will be gorgeous. Just looking at those pics from last year - I can only imagine. Do you worry about the possums and Bentley? I've hear they can really bite. Don't want Bentley getting his handsome body hurt.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. We tried to trap the possum, but he (or she) managed to get the bait without getting trapped. I don't know what happened to the possum, but we have not seen it for a long time now.

  3. Yes, the live oaks can leave a mess. We've just passed the catkin drop. '-) I've been cleaning out the beds to rid them of the live oak leaf layer. They look so much better when they are clean and tidy. Our ginger froze back this year. It's beginning to come back, but for now there is a gaping hole in that area of the garden.

    1. My ginger got nipped too. On some of it Carlos was able to just remove the frost bitten leaves, but on one plant (also in our front yard) he just cut it down to the ground. It will be a bit bare for a while but he assured me it will grow back. He also cut pathways into the huge amounts of ginger and other tropicals. It makes it so much easier to clean up now and also gives Bentley little trails to follow. He loves it!

  4. Live Oaks are new to me - they sound messy, like our Arbutus. Magnolias - well they are just beautiful, aren't they?

    1. The Live Oaks are a bit messy at this time of the year, but they are so beautiful and magical looking that I will forgive them the mess!

  5. Your yard is beautiful and inviting. I am not familiar with ginger plants but I really like how they look.

    1. Ginger is quite pretty. It stays green all year. This winter we had some unusually cold days so some of it froze and had to be cut back, but it will grow back.

  6. Susan, your yard looks just beautiful! We have live oaks and they are beautiful and oh so messy! I've never had a magnolia, I know they are just so pretty! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    1. I suppose all trees are a bit messy but I would rather live with some mess than be without them.

  7. My ginger died all the way to the ground this winter, but its all coming back now (I'm in San Antonio). I'm trying to move it all to a new bed in my back yard. Every day I find a new little ginger leaf poking up through the ground and I dig up the root. It makes a great back drop for colored annuals. Mine is yellow and green. What plant is that in the last picture you posted? I love how nice and tall it is.


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