Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Visit to Gonzales, Texas

My husband David had some business up in Gonzales, Texas today and asked if I
wanted to go along for the ride.  Well of course I did because I love going 
anywhere I have not been before.  So we all loaded up in the pickup truck
(Bentley too of course) and drove about an hour north of us to the small town
of Gonzales.  Let me tell you ~ I fell in love with the place!  We had to stop 
here at the Cow Palace Restaurant to meet a company employee.  Although we
did not stay for lunch, I wish we had because the special was chicken fried steak,
mashed potatoes and green beans.  The place was full of real cowboys and their
families and I heard the food was good.  

Now this is not just a restaurant.  No mam, it's also a place where livestock is sold.

It's the Gonzales Livestock Market and the place was packed.   The parking lot
was full of pickups and cattle trailers.

This is the back of the restaurant.

I got out of our truck and saw some chickens run under this fence.  I did not get
a chance to get a picture of them so I went up closer to the fence and quickly
noticed that a big Long Horn steer was staring at me, so I decided to back off.
I would have been much braver had I been wearing my boots, but since I
was in my pink flip flops, I felt like a pansy and backed off ;-)

After that we drove into town and I spotted the Emporium.  Enough said.
Y'all know I am going in here.  Flip flops and all.

I am thinking ~ why don't we own a ranch?  I would love to bring
this saddle home and display it somewhere!

Even David and Bentley decided they needed to explore this place.

The place has everything!

For those June weddings …

And don't forget the groom.

Well, what can I say?  We are in the south after all.

There are glass door knobs and old tools.  Rusty hinges, old bird cages.  Coke bottles
and Pepsi too in little metal carriers.  Old vinyl records ~ tons of them.  It is one of those
places where if you were to walk in with an item that was missing a part, the shop owner
would probably tell you he has just what you need.

This butcher block is ancient.  Love it!

And just when you think there could not be anymore ~ there is.
Y'all know everything is bigger in Texas.

After taking a tour of the second floor, I took a pic from the staircase.  
I asked the owner about the history of the building.  It was built in 1880.
Originally the first floor was a saloon and the second floor ~ well you
can probably guess what went on up there!

I restrained myself and did not buy anything.  David bought a 
large framed photo of a four star general from WWII.  He is going
to hang it in his office.  I'll tell you what, I have travelled the US and
the globe, but Texas has some of the most interesting small towns
anywhere.  So many of them with charm and interesting sights.  And
every one of them has sweet little houses with front porches and 
rocking chairs where I can just envision an "Aunt Bea" getting some
green beans ready for dinner.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are lucky enough to be
mothers and for those of you who still have a Mother to honor

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Looks like the perfect small Texas town and I would love to explore that store. xo Laura

  2. Looks like a fun trip! And I seriously think you should invest in some pink cowgirl boots!!!

  3. I've been to Gonzales several times! My Dad lives in Lockhart which isn't far from there. We like to go to the Historic Home Tour that is in November or December...I can't remember which. You'll have to watch for that because there are some wonderful homes there. :)

    There's so much Texas history that took place there. Did y'all go to the jail?

  4. That Emporium looks like a lot of fun. I would have been like a kid in a candy store, lol. I had an amazing day out today with my youngest son & his girlfriend & her mother. They took us to a quirky restaurant called: "Silence-Heart-Nest". The food was amazing. I had the huevos rancheros & my sons girlfriend had the asparagus eggs benedict. After that they took us to a Japanese Garden located within the Washington Park Arboretum. The flowers were stunningly beautiful with so many gorgeous colors it was like seeing living fireworks!! I forgot to mention that they gave each mom a lovely card & gift while we were at the restaurant. A mother's day I will never forget! Thank you for sharing the fun Emporium photos. By the way, that chicken fried steak meal sounded scrumptious! Take care.

  5. Oh I would have snapped up that butcher block a really good sanding and a nice oiling and what a kitchen piece. Sounds like a great day.

  6. Thanks for the ride-along to Gonzales! I love the small towns best. (I live in Dallas.) Happy Mother's Day to Bentley's mom! My mom has been gone 15 years, & I have no kids except my 4 kitties. I held in my hands a couple things that were my mother's. Among other things, I have her old clothespins (used to hang clothes on back yard clothesline) & keep them in old jars in my utility room. I am surrounded by her things & photos of her. Our mothers would not want us to grieve our time away. The 1st year of holidays is the hardest time, I know.


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