Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Kitchen Junk Drawer and What To Do About It

Every kitchen has one.  The drawer where all kinds of essentials and
non essentials hang out ~ the kitchen junk drawer.  If you have a faint
heart, please don't look because what is inside is not pretty.

When I moved into this house last August I made a vow to myself that I would 
keep all the drawers in this house neat and tidy.  I have kept that vow with one
exception ~ this kitchen junk drawer.  Actually there are two of them side by
side, but I only have the nerve to show you one.  I need some inspiration to 
make this drawer work for our household because I am tired of rummaging
through a lot of stuff trying to find stamps, scissors, and whatever else I need.
Sadly, I did not inherit the master organizational skills of my Mom so I have
to resort to inspirational pictures to motivate me to get the job done.

This well organized drawer puts me in a zen space.  Neat, tidy, everything
mine is not.  

Here's an idea ~ labels so no one has to ask "where does this go?"

This is a fun idea.  This person took cereal boxes, cut them to the desired height
and covered them with pretty paper.  Cute!

Well whatever organizing system I decide to use, anything will be better than
this mess!  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

PS:  Why is there a glow stick in this drawer?  Because we always have one.
Never know when we might need one!


  1. Same with me, all drawers organized except the kitchen junk draw . . . And just last week I was thinking about a trip to the Container store to solve this problem!

  2. I made the same vow!! I do have a drawer at my desk...you know the scissors, stapler, all that stuff lives there. It's messy right now because my organizer bins move around and dump things out. I've been looking for the just right organizers and haven't found them yet. I like the examples you showed us.

  3. Ha! I've got two side by side. I clean them out, even with the organizers; and "other" family members go back and scramble things up again. I'm going to try it one more time this summer!

  4. Ummm, I can't get my kitchen junk drawer open there is so much in it. So yours doesn't really look that bad to me :)

  5. The VERY first thing I noticed was that glow stick!!! That's funny! I guess everybody has something weird in their junk drawer, though. I'm sure if I hopped downstairs to look in ours I would find something not quite right! Our junk drawer has an organizational unit in it, but it's still a mess. I don't know why. This inspires me, though, to get it straightened up. That'll happen right after the other 450,000 organizational projects looming around here! :-)

    Have a great weekend, and good luck on getting that drawer (and KEEPING it!) in order!


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