Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sometimes Friends Hurt You

There are times in life when you might feel sad.  A friend may have hurt you
and you feel excluded.  It happens to all of us.  We wonder what we have
done, or what we have left undone.

If it's a new friend then we wonder what we may have done to 
offend, or what we may have done wrong.

If it's an old friend then we wonder when did they stop liking us?
For me ~ I will stick with dogs.  Much more loyal.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I agree. Dogs are wonderful, loyal friends thru thick and thin!!

  2. For years I was in a lonely marriage and my dog gave me much comfort. He was a very good friend.

  3. Dear Susan,
    I am sorry someone has hurt you. People can be cruel. Why is always the question? Our poochies are the loyalist of the bunch, for sure. Love you, Me

  4. Oh Susan. I am so sorry that someone has hurt you. I have certainly been there, and I have learned that those people were not true friends. Yes, doggies will never hurt our feelings. They always love us no matter what. Love you, my friend. Laura

  5. I'm sorry too that you were hurt by a so called friend. As sad as it is, it does happen to us all. But just like Laura said - they're really not friends.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Yup. Don't know what I would do without my Ben!

  7. Friends are important part of my life, If they are a good friend I w would ask them what is bothering them. Sometimes is was never meant to hurt you but a slight they didn't see in that way.

  8. Hi Susan - Extra big hugs to you today my friend. Love, Holly

  9. I know what you mean.

    Sometimes I wonder if I gave the friendship more importance than they did?

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  10. Sometimes I feel exactly the same way!

    Friendships - any relationship - is hard work. It's never all smooth sailing unfortunately. I have found though that the best friendships I've had are the ones where we both agree to face our disagreements & hurts, then move past them. When I've mentally made the choice to fight for a friendship I've been able to look back & be very glad I did. At the same time, there were some I just let go. It's a hard thing either way.

    And, there are times I stay home with my dogs & let the world go on without me. We can't stay in that place too long though. At some point we have to choose to reach out again. We need fellowship with people as painful as it can be sometimes. So take some time to enjoy your sweet babies that love you no matter what then don't give up on the rest of us even with all of our flaws. :)

  11. Yes you are so right. Is it me that did not work hard enough on the friendship? Bottom line it hurts. Go get a hug from Bentley! My Boots is on my lap.

  12. Susan, I understand. I've recently had a friend, a really good close friend, just stop being my friend. It really does hurt!

  13. I once had a dear friend who hurt me. I decided to tell her I was hurt. To my complete and utter amazement, she was mortified and didn't realize what she had done. We've been friends now for 40 years. But, I almost turned my back on her before I decided to tell her. It isn't easy to do, I know. We take a chance on being hurt further, but some people are worth the chance.

  14. Susan, It has happened to most of us, me included. I just sadly say " I guess I wasn't as much fun as I thought I was". It still hurts when you realize you have no one to go to when things get difficult. Husbands are not the same as an old friend who has seen it all with you. Dogs are good too, but I like cats they straighten you up...because it is all about them. Remember the Pharaohs buried their cats with them not their dogs sorry Bentley. Find things that make you smile.

  15. Susan - I guess that I am just too stubborn to let someone hurt my feelings. I feel like if they get upset over some little thing or something that was said, I don't need them as a friend. If it's someone you've been friends with for a long time, I'd approach the situation and just ask if there was a problem. Like someone said, they may not even realize it. I know in my case, I've not had the time for a lot of my good friends the last couple of years due to John's health, but you know, they realized what's going on in my life and accept it. So, sorry someone hurt your feelings. I can't imagine anyone getting upset with you and your sweet and caring personality.


  16. Amen. It has happened to me, and it doesn't feel good. Chin up, young person!

  17. Amen, if your female its happened to us. I shouldn't say this, but I find woman disappointing. I mean some just never leave high school! I don't know if woman really like each other, we certainly don't know how to support each other. I find the older I get the less friends I need.... I gravitate to things I love doing to get my fill of love. I hope you work this out with you friend. remember history shouldn't be easily given up!

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