Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not Cookie Cutter

I have always considered myself a free spirit.  If everyone is turning
right there is a good chance I will turn left, just to see what I might be
missing.  That also describes my decorating style.  I think of a house like
a movie or stage set.  I paint the picture I want to live in.  

My home is unique.  It reflects my interests, my passions and my

For me that means combining the old and beloved.  The inherited.  
Just the right piece for a certain spot.  I usually have something in mind
and then I go on the hunt.  Hunting includes antique and thrift shops,
decorator shops and boutiques.  In my continued effort to be unique I
also haunt consignment shops.  I have found wonderful things at great
prices at consignment shops.  What I especially love is that there is such
a wide variety of stuff.   Utterly unique stuff.

Back in Idaho I often visited a great consignment shop and I think I
must have been one of their best customers.  I have not found a shop
that compares in Victoria.  The closest ones are all 100 miles away.
I am certainly not going to make that drive a couple times a week.

But then this happened ….

I learned about Chairish.  An online consignment store!
Now I can shop from the comfort of my little Texas town and
find all sorts of furniture and decorating accessories to complete
my own stage set.  Look out checkbook!

Something like this ~ a French  armless settee.  Ooh La La!
Vintage furniture can make a home so interesting.  Even if all of your pieces
are more contemporary, a one of a kind piece like this can make a real
statement in a room.  I'm really starting to think I need this for my French
guest bedroom.  You know how I already have these brocante accents.

I could just see that settee angled in the room.  Might be just what I 
need to give the room that little "something something".

I have a little obsession with maps and globes.  Love this vintage
bronze globe.  Can't you just see this in our family room?  I sure can.
It's from Chairish!  Wonder what else they have I could use???

That globe would fit in perfectly in a room where you will often find
Turner Classic movies playing :-)  That globe makes me think of the
movie Casablanca.  Does it for you too?

My daddy used to have a desk very much like this one.  My Mom sold
it because when they moved from Arizona to Idaho, Mom thought it
would be too crowded in her music room with her baby grand piano.
Daddy never said much, but I know he really missed his desk.  If he
were still alive I would buy this one for him!


Now this might surprise you about me, but there is my alter ego that longs
to own a mid century modern home in Palm Springs.  Fondue pot, Frank
Sinatra on the stereo and martinis at 5 pm sharp.  David and I have
discussed this idea many times.  We both love the idea.  Of course we
would have to win the lottery first, but if we did ….

We would need this a vintage George Nelson clock.
Way cool.  My great uncle's name was George Nelson
too, but he was not a mid century designer.
C'est dommage :-(

I am sure this vintage piece was used as a server, but I could see
a flat screen TV on it as well.  We always need to keep the men
in our lives in mind when we decorate.

So that's it ~ my newest online shopping discovery.  I am not being
paid to tell you about this site.  I just like to be helpful in creating
the home of your dreams.

I'll leave you with an old tune to put you in a dreamy mood ~

Happy Thursday everyone!

Home Sweet Home
Feathering Your Nest

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Busy Thursday is what it's been for me. Tomorrow is Halloween & I work at JoAnn Fabric & Crafts, need I say more?! Thankfully I'm off tomorrow & my husband suggested we go to Country Village Shops to look around for a few hours. Antique stores, quilt shop in a barn, chickens & roosters roaming the grounds, sounds like an ideal way to spend the afternoon to me. Maybe I'll find a unique piece to grace my home. Wish me luck. For now I'm off to check out Chairish. Hugs friend.

    1. Have a wonderful day tomorrow with your husband. Have fun and enjoy each moment. It sounds like you will be having a fun afternoon. I will be thinking of you!

  2. Thanks for sharing this site! Sounds like a great resource. I love the mid-century modern pieces you have shown in this post. Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

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