Friday, October 24, 2014

Kathleen's Newer Bigger and Better Dollhouse

Just when you thought you had visited the best dollhouse ever, it is
hard to imagine that there could be an even better one.  
There is!
Kathleen's new dollhouse is bigger and has been modernized just
enough to make it completely livable for today's fairies;-)  Here is
the new kitchen with some updated cabinets yet it still retains it's
homey charm.  I love the nursery under the eaves just above the

To give you an idea of the size and detail of this dollhouse, here is that
same kitchen wing from the outside.  All the utilities are in .  There is a
charming kitchen garden just steps away.  The detailing on the 
outside is every bit as impressive as it is on the interior.

I just showed you the kitchen wing, here is the rest of the house.  
Kathleen has gained a proper entry and foyer.  Her living room is no
longer cut up by the stairway to to the second floor, giving her more
wall space in that room.  She also has a larger formal dining room 
than she did before.  

Here is a close up of Kathleen's new kitchen.  The additional cabinet space
gives her more storage and more work surface too.  Notice that butcher
block.  Love it!  I am crazy about the finishes too ~ bead board, the brick
behind the vintage Roper stove and the sweet yellow wallpaper.   

But the best way for me to give you the scope and detail of the entire
house is to share this video with you.  Keep in mind that this dollhouse
was not built from a kit.  It was designed and constructed for
Kathleen by her husband.  (I love this man!!! ) It took him three years
to complete in his garage.  David ~ are you taking notes here???
David is my husband :-)  The project was started in November of 2011
and was ready for it's final inspection and move in this month.  

I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Kathleen's dollhouse as
much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you!  Again my 
thanks to Kathleen for allowing me to share her beautiful
home with you.  She is truly an inspiration and a lovely

  I am planning a post that will feature some of the
artists who create fabulous miniatures such as these
because I know many of you have dollhouses or are
now smitten and want to build one too.  There are some
very talented miniaturists I will introduce you to and also
give you some great resources for buying miniatures.
Keep in mind that Kathleen has been collecting minis for
twenty-five years and many of hers would be hard to
duplicate.  A beautiful dollhouse is an investment of both
money and time.  My theory is to start collecting for one
room at a time and before you know it you will be on 
your way!

Bentley and I wish you a happy weekend and beautiful
dollhouse dreams.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley  


  1. Yes, I have enjoyed your pictures of these amazing doll houses. I have been in two and getting ready for a third miniature swap....handmade. I don't even have a doll house. I do have a shelf that looks like one. I have to limit myself to the shelf because I tend to go overboard.

    1. Minis are fun whether you have a dollhouse or not. Love the idea of a mini swap!

  2. Susan,
    This is totally amazing!! I am speechless and with me, that is a hard thing for anything to render me speechless!! I will be posting my humble little doll house decorated for Halloween tomorrow and I am including links to these posts in my post so I hope you will stop by....


  3. I also just wanted you to know that i had to return here to read your return comments.. I did not get emails on them for some reason..

  4. That by far is the best best best Dollhouse. I want to live in there. lol Happy Pink Saturday Grace xoox

  5. this is just totally amazing and fascinating. It's the perfect house, it even comes with the cat a dog!

  6. Fun, Susan! I agree with Debra…….totally amazing and fascinating.

  7. Wow, what a fun doll house!! Enjoyed the video!

  8. I'm loving your miniature posts Susan! Does Kathleen have a blog or website?

  9. Love dollhouses and this is one of the very best...LOVE IT !

  10. I think what impresses me the most about Kathleen's doll house is that the house is so realistic. It isn't cutsey-cute, it isn't over-the-top elegant, it is home. That's what I like the most. I like that it isn't perfect, there was a book left on the floor, it is just like a real home would be. I think it is the best I've ever seen. Kathleen's husband is a master craftsman and everything, from the electric pole to the gas meter. I mean, this is truly spectacular.

  11. c'est tout simplement magnifique et extrêmement vivant ! bravo
    selma cayol


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