Friday, October 10, 2014

Glad This Week Is Over

So glad this week is over.  It's been a tough one.  This is the first time since
I have moved to Texas that I have wondered if I made the right decision.  
Picking up and moving away from a state where you have lived and worked
and made friends and going to another state and starting over is not easy.
Even if the move is a good one in many ways,  it' not without doubts.

I am happy with my new house and my garden, but a house is not
everything.  I miss my Mom.  I miss friends I left behind in Idaho.
I have been able to live with this and work on building a new life 
here in Texas until this past week.  Something happened that made 
me loose faith in others and crushed my spirit.  I won't go into the 
details.  They are best left unsaid.

Yet it has left me thinking ~ what do I do to recover from the heartache of
this past week?  I don't want to brood around and make my husband
miserable.  I also know that it never helps to sweep emotions under the
rug and pretend that they don't exist.  

It's been difficult for me to focus on my writing this week, so although
I have continued to write this blog, I have not worked on my books.

Mostly all I have wanted to do is to cuddle on the sofa with Bentley
and watch old movies.  But that's hiding isn't it?

Maybe I should finish up the paining the furniture in Mom's old room.

There still is a lot to finish here.  

I look forward to a brighter and a happier day tomorrow.
Thanks for listening.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I think cuddling with Bentley and watching old movies is a brilliant way to rest after difficult times. Also, helping someone else is a spirit lifter, if you can, connect with a volunteer opportunity.

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  3. Susan, you've been through so much this last year. The move alone is a stress builder, and then your Mother's passing ... not an easy time. Making a new life is difficult. I think there is nothing wrong with taking a break. Give yourself a hug. Cuddle with Bentley and look at old movies. It will be okay.

  4. Come to central Texas and visit us....Princess Posie Kitty and I will treat you gently and give you a nice calm place to regroup :^)
    I'm sorry it's been such a rough week......sometimes they just are. My Mom has been gone for several years, but I still miss her!
    Blessings to you and I hope next week is better. If you want to escape, email me....we will think of something :^)

  5. That's not hiding, it's resting!! You need that time to heal and re-group. It will be better in a few days........xoxoxo

  6. Hurts are handled differently for everyone. I hope you can reach out to someone you trust and talk it out. Resting is also healing. Sending you a big hug! I have recently had a friendship end that has left me heartbroken. I understand.

  7. Susan I'm sorry you had such a rough week...wishing you a happy weekend!!

  8. Resting with Bentley and looking into that precious face was time well spent. I can't think of anything more healing than that. Hopefully, the weekend will be full of contentment.

  9. Susan, it is o.k. to cuddle with Bentley. It is NOT hiding, it is seeking comfort in whatever you are going through ~ Hugs to you and Bentley xo

  10. In my 77 years I have discovered there are people who hurt others for different reasons:
    1. They are jealous of you through no fault of yours but just because of their insecurities. Don't ever apologize for being yourself and doing your best no matter what others think.
    2. They are just mean bullies and will hurt someone they think is vulnerable. You are a sweet Christian woman and that will make you a target for some. Don't apologize for that above all else.
    3. Realize that you don't need everyone you meet in our life. Some people are just not kind and good enough to be your friends. God tells us to love them, but nowhere in my Bible does it say I have to like them. It does say shake the dust off your feet and move on.
    4. By all means discuss this with your husband, but don't dwell on it.
    Yes, you made the right choice to move to Texas. Not all of us are mean spirited. I am a native Texan and can't even think of living anywhere else. And, yes, I have met more than my share of undesirables in my lifetime; but I refuse to let them get me down. Keep doing what you are doing and enjoy your life - you, your husband and Bentley!

  11. Hi Susan. So sorry you had a tough week. You know, I have found that in life, there are nasty people wherever you go. But, there are good people, too. You will find the good ones over time. And it does take time when one moves to a new place. Plus, you are still grieving the loss of your Mom. Be patient with yourself and give yourself a lot of love.

    By the way, the house looks lovely and you have decorated it so nicely. Susan

  12. Always remember God has everything under control. Surround yourself with positive people and do not allow negative people into your day. People, even friends, can disappoint us. But you just keep pushing forward girl. You are a wonderful and caring person.

  13. We worry so about moving when there are children involved. However, most kids have school in which to meet a variety of people and make new friends rather quickly. As adults, moving is so much harder. We are usually moving into established neighborhoods where established friendships and relationships have been built. Some people, full of their own insecurities and demons, look upon a new person as a threat and will arch their backs in a ready-to-fight stance. Change is hard on adults no matter what people say. And just like in the school yard, there are bullies in the "hood", also. I bet if Bentley warms up to someone that they are probably a good person. Dogs know these things and we should listen to them and follow their lead. Don't be hard on yourself. A week of old movies and books with sweet Bentley at your side is a good thing, indeed!!

  14. I don't know who or what dampened your spirits but you keep on doing what you were doing. I admire you for taking on the task of wriing. It is your therapy. Losing our parents is one of the toughest challenges we have. God is always with us thru it all. I hope you have a better week coming up. It is so beautiful in the mountains of North Carolina I wish you could see all of its beauty. Take care... Rebecca

  15. Hi Susan. I just found your blog the other day and am so happy I did. I've lost both my parents and it's a hard thing to get through. You deserve time out with your lovely Bentley. He will also love your time with him. I've gotten to the point of my life where quality of people in my life outweighs quanity of people in my life. I just moved to Idaho three years ago and after a couple of years have met some lovely new girlfriends through clubs and the gym. We get together almost weekly, but I do enjoy alone time creating in my craft room and gardening. Refresh with your timeout for a bit, then resume with your creative writing and know how much we all love reading your blog. I'm a new fan and friend! Connie

  16. I'm on vacation with friends at Gulf Shores, AL. Everyone has gone to bed. I'm reading blogs. Sorry to hear about your week and hope the situation gets better soon. I'm a quiet person and don't always comment but your blog is one I always check on first. Sending you love and big hugs.

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