Friday, October 31, 2014

Miniature Furniture and Accessories

Kathleen's beautiful dollhouse was an inspiration.  The house itself is
beautiful and her furnishings and accessories are fabulous.  For anyone
who is starting out with a new passion for miniatures, her house is
something we all aspire to, but unless you have unlimited financial 
resources, it won't happen overnight.  Kathleen in fact has been 
collecting miniatures for over 25 years now.  

I started collecting with one room in mind ~ the heart of the home ~
the kitchen.

I'm going to give you some suggestions for resources so that 
should you want, you will be able to start collecting too.

I purchased the Bar Harbor rocker, the little wicker table and the
potted geranium from New England Miniatures.  The rocker came
without the pillows.  I made the seat cushion and the Vintage French
Roses pillow came from Hobby Builders Supply.  More about this
supplier later.

Here is a better pic of the little table and potted plant.  What I like about
New England Miniatures is that they carry some items I do not see
elsewhere.  Their prices are competitive on many items and their service
is excellent.  

This little hobnail lamp came from them as well, as did the little
upholstered chair.

This dollhouse (still in the construction phase) was purchased from
Hobby Builders Supply.  This is a bigger shop than New England
Miniatures.  They have a large selection of dollhouses, furniture and
accessories.  Like New England Miniatures, they are always adding
to their inventory.  The are one of the very few dollhouse suppliers
that offer a catalog through the mail as well as their online catalog.
I have found that when you first start collecting, a physical catalog
that you can leaf through is helpful.  It gives you a good overview of
everything that is available.

My Mom purchased this sweet little hutch from Hobby Builders
Supply.  It was one of the first miniatures.  It's so sweet.  All
the drawers and doors open too.  Great for mini storage.

Don't overlook ebay.  I have purchased some nice minis
from Manor House Miniatures.  Great items and good service too.

 My friend Cynthia of Cynthia's Cottage Design has inspired me
with her beautiful dollhouse miniature designs.  She has an etsy shop

And Kim's fabulous pastries and cakes.

And Maritza Moran's swoon worthy minis.  So French and so gorgeous!
Truly museum quality pieces.  Here's another one ….


Cynthia, Kim and Maritza have teamed up and created this wonderful
magazine for mini enthusiasts called …

Check it out ~ so much inspiration here!

This is just a sampling of the many, many resources for dollhouse
miniatures.  I am continually inspired by talented artists from the United
States and all over the globe.  It is such a fun hobby.  Once you start,
your family and friends will always be able to find a gift for you for
birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas!

If you have any questions on minis, please let me know and I will 
be happy to answer them, or direct you to friends such as Kathleen
who will surely know the answer.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh Susan, I LOVED that post. Your miniatures are fabulous!

    Thanks for all the suggestions of where to buy minies.

    Where can one see Kathleen's dollhouse?

    Thanks for your charming post. Susan

  2. I love Cynthia's style of minis & Kim's food creations are incredibly realistic. I have a few issues of their wonderful magazine & I love getting inspired every time I look through them. I just unpacked my own dollhouse that had been in a cardboard box for a little over 3 years. I'm looking forward to putting its furniture & accessories back in it. I need to build a table to put it on as it is currently on the floor of my living room. Your minis are adorable & I agree that the kitchen is the most fun to do in miniature.

  3. Oh Susan, I just looked again at the pictures from this post & I'm so excited! The second picture of the hutch with the white bead board & sage green paint gave me the perfect idea of what to do with my built-in cabinets in my dining room. I'm going to put white bead board inside the shelves & paint the exterior wood sage green. I was going to do butter yellow on the inside but after looking at your hutch I changed my mind. I'll paint the bottom cabinets butter yellow because I love that color but now it won't be overkill. Thanks for the inspiration. You're awesome.

  4. What a delightful post...I'd love to have a real life house just like this. :)

  5. How simply charming---couldn't you just DWELL there? I always enjoy seeing what you two are up to, and this is absolutely wonderful.

    I DO wish there were a way to make your pictures larger as I click, instead of smaller---they deserve a GOOD look at all the sublime details..


  6. I would love to find Plastic hangers in miniatures for doll house my daughter !!!!!!!!

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