Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall on the Southern Porch

I spent part of my morning sprucing up the front porch.  I wanted to get
it ready for Halloween.  I decorated the two wrought iron chairs on
the porch.  I'll show you a couple of pics of my efforts before I tell
you a story about our neighbor's first impression of us when we moved
in based on these chairs and two other wrought iron pieces in the
front yard.

I kept the decorations fairly simple.  Since we don't have any children, I 
don't decorate for this holiday as much as the rest of y'all.

Here is the story of the neighbor's first impression.  We all do this ~ a
new family moves into the neighborhood and we are all curious about
who they are and if we will like them.  Our neighborhood is very tight
knit.  It is very unusual for a family from a different city to move in let
along from a different state ~ especially somewhere as foreign as Idaho!

But we were later told that the gossip was that since they saw white wrought
iron garden furniture coming off the moving truck, they all knew that 
although we spent some time in the Northwest, we must be from the 
South originally because Southerners have white wrought iron furniture.
Imagine their relief ;-)

Of course we are Southerns now and I can prove it ….

When I am not drinking sweet tea, I'm drinking diet Dr. Pepper and
I now only use Duke's mayonnaise!  Look what has happened to me
in just over a year living back in Texas ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan! Your fall decor is so sweet and yes ma'am, you're being a Southern gal! Did you know Dr. Pepper started in Waco, Texas? Yes'm, it did! :) I'm sipping mine now! Have your tried the Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper with a squirt of lime? Delish!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. Yes m'am I have! Love Cherry Diet Dr Pepper too and with a slice of lime it's just perfection!!

  2. I'm a northern girl, born and bred, although I think I would prefer the southern weather, especially one the leaves start to fall here!, love, love your header! I am a total sucker for all things rooster and RED!! ;)

    1. Thanks Kim! Roos and red are favorites of mine too!

  3. danke für die wunderschönen bilder und inspirationen!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  4. I'm visiting from Between Naps on the Porch! I love your southern porch and Bentley is adorable!!! (I also have a dog named Bentley!) Blessing to you both, and have a great week!

  5. Your porch looks darling. That's funny about the neighbor's impressions!! I have a few pieces like yours and I must be the only one for miles with it!!

    Jane xx

  6. I like my Duke's mayonnaise and can't live without tea!! :)

  7. Soda is so bad for us, pure sugar water as we all know. But I gotta admit I love me an occasional Mexican coke! Straight up, right out of the green glass bottle. The reason I like the Mexican version is because it has good old fashioned sugar. I try to avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup. It really is only a once a week or so treat though. The rest of the time I'm more than satisfied with my brewed ice tea. I've even cut way back on the sugar I add to that. I only put a tablespoon to the whole pitcher. It has some natural sweetness from the Trader Joe's black mango tea bags that I put in with the decaf regular black tea bags. I love the twig chair on your porch. I'm more of a wood person than a wrought iron one. It all looks really pretty though.

  8. It's funny, but I have lived all of my life in the Northeast except for 2 years in Dallas, Texas. I hated Dr. Pepper before those 2 years, but started liking it while in Texas and drank it frequently. After those 2 years I returned to the Northeast and couldn't stand the taste of it! (I never did like sweet tea or any cold tea.) Must be something about that Texas air! After 30 years of being out of Texas, I still have dreams (meaning while sleeping) about living there and I was only there for 24 months!

  9. I don't drink Dr. Pepper, but I have been using Dukes since I lived next door to the owners of Duke mayonnaise when I was a teenager. Definitely makes me a southerner. xo Laura

  10. Hi Susan and Bentley, O.k. so I'm really enjoying fall and harvest decor, but now you've got me thinking about Christmas and decorating for the holidays. I've also got to buy some ornaments and my favorite go-to place closed. So I will begin searching soon. I used to drink Dr. Pepper, never heard of Dukes. Thanks for sharing.

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