Sunday, October 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy

October 26 was my Daddy's birthday.  I have been going through
old albums and found photos of him I don't remember because I was
too young.  He lead such a fascinating life.  He was was the 
president of a major international corporation and was fortunate enough
to travel first class around the world many, many times.  

He travelled extensively for three decades to every sophisticated and
exotic location one could imagine.  How times have changed!  In
almost every photo, someone is smoking a cigarette.  It was the 
era of James Bond.  

These are some of my favorite pics of Daddy.  Daddy and one of his
business associates ~ Harold "Hutch" Hutchison often had dinner at this
restaurant in Paris ~ La Table du Roy.  Chef Georges was quite a sociable
chef and loved it when Daddy and Hutch came to visit.  They were both
treated like royalty and each were given a 10% discount on their tab for life!

They put a mustache and goat tee on Daddy in this pic.   
Apparently Chef Georges loved to treat his regulars like "royalty";-)

Here is Daddy in Baghdad.  He actually did quite a bit of business
there.  His company manufactured farm machinery and heavy duty trucks 
that were used in the vast agricultural areas of Iraq.  Fertile crescent you know.
That's Daddy down on the far right.  He's the one who looks like
President Eisenhower.  

Daddy really enjoyed spending time in Iraq because of all the ancient
history and artifacts there.  We often had long discussions about the
ancient Sumerian civilization.  He was fascinated by ancient history.
How the world has changed since his day.

Here he is in Beruit.

And in Rome.


Visting a coffee plantation in Columbia.

He was on the board of directors of the International Road Federation 
in Washington, DC

And when he retired from international business, he went on to
teach international business at the graduate school level.

And when he wasn't busy with that ~ he was a great husband to my
Mom and a great Daddy to me.  

Cheers Daddy ~ to a life well lived!
Thanks for indulging my memories of him today.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Awww .... how lucky you are to have had such a wonderful man as your daddy.


  2. What a worldly, sophisticated man to call Daddy! You were a very lucky little girl to have him.

    1. Although he was worldly and always sophisticated, he was always ready to be a good Daddy to a little girl. That means taking me along to the lumber yard to help with projects and telling the most amazing bed time stories. He was wonderful in every way and I was so blessed to have him as a Daddy. I don't think I will ever fill his shoes.

  3. Thanks for sharing the wonderful memories of your father. I'm glad he was able to travel and enjoy the amazing history of different cultures around the world in what seems better times. It sounds like he was a great father. Hugs.

  4. Those are wonderful pictures you have of your Dad on his adventures. To document them is terrific. We miss our Daddy's, or should I say we missed being Daddy's little girls. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Happy birthday to your daddy. Mine had a very similar job and traveled all over the world. My mom often accompanied him. I miss my daddy too. xo Laura


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