Thursday, September 10, 2015

Decorating Baskets for Fall

I love baskets and they live in every room of my house in some
fashion or another.  My French Market basket is one of my very
favorites and I have really been enjoying it filled with vintage wood
cutting boards.  I stuffed some fall greenery in and love the way it
looks.  I will like it even better after I remember to remove the price
tag :-)  I often get too excited and overlook little things like that.
Silly girl!

I love the rustic texture of a vintage willow basket.  It's a nice 
contrast with the smooth apples.  Nature provides us with so  much

I added some fall touched to the hat rack in the back hall too.

Bentley ~ give your mama a little nudge from time to time
when she forgets to remove price tags.  Sometimes mama gets
in such a decorating frenzy that she forgets little details
like that :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I quite like your French market basket filled with old cutting boards and vines! Very pretty!!

  2. You certainly have a way to style a basket -- lovely!

  3. You have totally inspired me! I don't know where to store my baskets and I just need to get them out and put them around the house with beautiful things that I need to store anyhow. I have my wooden boards in a basket but it is out of sight, not front and center with a touch of nature in it! This is beautiful. I love your hats and basket display too. That is magazine worthy!

  4. I love your basket, price tag and all!
    Have a lovely weekend and be blessed,

  5. I love your baskets. I also love baskets of all kinds, including wire baskets. I never would have seen the price tag had you not mentioned it. If fact I went back and it took me a while to find it. I love that you are human, we all are. I took a picture to post to my friends of my dinning room chair seat cushions that I had just recovered and after posting said picture I could see a piece of lint on the floor under the chair. I had already swept and sharked my floor just a short time before and don't know how I could have missed it. It ate at me that someone might see that piece of lint. Finally I had to tell myself "You're only human and I'll bet my friends will not think any less of me because of that piece of lint". No one ever mentioned it either because they never saw it or were such sweet friends that they didn't mention it. So price tag and all it is a nicely decorated basket. Jill

  6. I love baskets and seems like I never have enough; but don't have a French Market basket!!! What price tag?! Love how you use your baskets for fall vignettes...very pretty!!!

  7. Love your baskets! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  8. All lovely. I just discovered your blog (from Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson). . It's gorgeous!


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