Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Feeling Left Out

It's tough when you feel left out.  It happens to most all of us at
one time our another.  It's happened to me and I imagine to
each of you at one time or another.

It's never a happy time and one tends to wonder 

Is there something wrong with me?

It stings to be excluded.  So what do you do to help yourself
get over the hurt?

I have learned that the behavior of kids on the playground does
not change all that much as kids become adults.  We all want to 
be included in all the games and all the parties.  Sometimes we 
are not.  It does not have to diminish our own self worth.   

Each of us have value.  Just because one person does not like
you does not mean that no one does or will, if you give them
a chance.  It does not mean that you have no value.  

When you are excluded the best thing to do is to dry your 
tears and move on.  In the heat of the moment that is easier 
said than done, yet that is all you can do.  Give yourself a
short time to grieve over the slight and find another group 
of friends.   There are others who will gladly welcome you
into their circle.  Trust me, they will.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Just know you are not alone. Women can be so cruel to other women. Thoughtlessness seems to be getting more rampant every day. I feel your pain.

  2. Dear Sweet Susan - I can not imagine anyone being cruel to you with your giving and sweet spirit. They are certainly missing out on a wonderful friendship. It is definitely their loss, not yours. Wish I lived closer - we would be in so much trouble! LOL


  3. It happens every now and then, not so much with my friends, but with my family!!! And it does hurt, esp. at holiday time. I go shopping and get take out, so I feel special!!! xoxoxo

    1. I am sorry that your family hurts you sometimes. But I like your attitude and that you look after yourself.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE those hats and baskets!!!

  5. Well whoever excluded you doesn't have any sense whatsoever!!!

  6. It happens Susan, you feel hurt, you feel revenge, then you feel 'you know what, your loss'. It's not a nice feeling but you are so lovely that it really is their loss. Take care x

    1. I have learned that I may get hurt when others snub me, but it does not mean that I need to go hide in a corner. I'll just go off and find new friends and be the best I can be and not let another's snub destroy my spirit.

  7. You are right, we have all experienced this. It doesn't make it any easier, but at least we can support each other in these times. Big hugs to you! Your photos are lovely.

  8. I can't imagine anyone trying to make you feel left out, Susan! The main reason is because I don't think you would do that to anyone. I think if we all remembered The Golden Rule ~ what we were taught as kids ~ we would all be better off.
    One thing we seem to over-look is that adults are bullies, too. It isn't just on the playgrounds between kids. It is in the workplace as well as in our neighborhoods, churches, and homes. Too many people feel the only way to be successful / to be heard is to assume the role of the bully. I see it in our politics as well. If only we would all focus on kindness for a change...............

  9. It's hard and hurtful, but I have learned to move on. I say a little prayer and God Bless their little hearts :-p


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