Thursday, September 3, 2015

Play Date With My Camera

This morning I decided to have a play date with my camera.  Last January, my dear
David decided I needed a new camera and while we were up in Austin he took
me to a camera shop and bought me one.  I am the proud owner of a Cannon
EOS Rebel T5i.  

I have been a bit intimidated by this new camera.  I have used it, or shall I say
it has used me.  This morning I gathered up all my courage and just let 
caution go to the wind and snapped away.  

There are so many things that this camera can do for me,  so I have decided that
we should become best pals.  Get to know one another.   That is important to me
because I want to provide the best content I can on this blog, and the visual 
images are so important to set the mood and tone for my words.

This morning we played in the kitchen for a while.  These are images I see
every day while I am cooking.  Nothing special, just part of daily life.

Then I decided to move into the family room and take another shot
of a spot where one will often find me ….

Just a cozy little corner of my home where I like to spend time
reading with Bentley curled up right next to me.

Now here we are in the living room taking a pic of Mom's 
antique cordials and carafe.

And for today, we are ending with this pic of the mantel.

I am taking tutorials to learn more about the many features of this
camera.  Yes, I am now getting more comfortable and I am
certain that my camera and I will have a great time together.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, now that's some play date with your camera! I think you two are going be best friends forever! Your photographs are absolutely awesome, love each one of them in your fabulous kitchen! Sure love that cozy corner, the bookshelves with the check background, love that look! Your mom's cordials and carafe are exquisite!
    Perfection is what I'd call your camera play date!
    Have a great afternoon~

    1. Thanks so much Nancy! I really appreciate your very kind words.

  2. Love the pics and play dates with your camera are the best way to get comfortable for sure. You did great!

  3. I am alsn learning my new little canon!! I make lots of mistakes but i am loving learning!! We can learn together!!

  4. Ps have you figured out any light settings???

  5. Lovely pictures...I think you have become acquainted!!!


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