Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall Touches Around the Home

It was a wonderful three day weekend.  We relaxed.  We ate too much.
David tried out his newly purchased irons which has improved his swing
and consequently his golf game.  Bentley was basking in all the attention
from both of us.  And we took a short drive out in the country yesterday

So now that Labor Day is behind us and although fall has not technically
arrived around south Texas, I am doing my best to get into the autumn
leaves and cooler temps type of mood.  So this morning I grabbed one of
my beloved toolboxes and started to gather up a few fall decorations and
some apples and this breakfast room table centerpiece just created itself.

Orange is not my favorite color, so I tend to lean towards the deep golds
and reds and greens with touches of brown when decorating for fall.
Apples and tartans always remind me of September and those first days
of the new school year.

Now that I have started, I am inspired to add fall touches throughout
the house.  Maybe I should create some fall aromas with cinnamon and
apples simmering away on the stove :-)

Wow Us Wednesday

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Very pretty. Love the sun-flower and the fall colours.

  2. Hi Susan! Pretty fall - sunflowers are always a win with me and love the rustic tool carrier.We had a heat wave last week, but today was rainy and gloomy - so I 've been inside enjoying some fall scented candles. Planning to pull in a few more fall touches this week. Jane

    1. We are still in a heat wave that will probably last until November :-( Fall scented candles will be lovely. I need to add some new ones to give some added fall atmosphere around here too.

  3. Beautiful photos!! Looks like Fall has arrived at your house.


    1. Fall has arrived on the "inside" of my house, but on the outside it's still a hot and humid 98 degrees ;-)

  4. I put out a few velvet pumpkins, but nothing more. It is still so hot here, that it is difficult to switch my mind to thinking of fall colors and touches around the house. Hoping we get some rain and cooler temps. They say we might. '-)

    1. It's like a steam bath here too. As long as I stay inside I can get into the fall mood, but the minute I open up the porch door I know I'm still in hot, steamy summer.

  5. It looks very pretty, Susan. I am definitely not an orange person either. xo Laura

  6. It is very hard for me to decorate with orange, too. I do have the traditional pumpkins around, but I throw in lots of yellows and reds, too! xoxo

  7. Very pretty pretty fall vignette! I love the plaid blanket!!!


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