Monday, June 27, 2016

An Adorable Antique Lamp

David and I spent the weekend in Houston.  We had a wonderful time
visiting family and dear friends.  We love visiting because that's where
we met and have so many fond memories of the great times we had in
the vibrant city.  

We stopped at favorite restaurants and discovered some new ones 
we liked too.  And ....

Shopping for antiques in Houston is fabulous!  There are several
great antique districts and so much to see and ooh and aah over.
I found this adorable lamp on my very first stop. 

I love unique lamps and when I found this one, I fell in love.  
A charming old gentleman with his dogs on either side of him.
Of course you know my obsession for all things canine :-)

We spent a fun morning and early afternoon with family.  Our niece 
Kimberly and her husband Zack have a beautiful home near Rice University
and they had a party for their 5 year old daughter, Hazel.  Lots of kids and
friends and some family members we have not seen for a while.  It was
great fun.  Our niece Angela just earned her MBA from UT and our other
niece Julie is expecting her third child next month.  Her due date is
July 14.  We are especially thrilled because David's birthday is July 16,
mine is the 18th and David's sister Cindy (Julie's mom) is the 22nd.  
We have a long run in July!

Cindy gave us a beautiful antique quilt that belonged to David's 
grandparents.  I will show you that tomorrow.  It's quite a lovely
quilt that is beautifully hand quilted with the kind of fabrics we 
can't find today. 

I am busy today doing laundry and catching up with things.  The
sorts of things one does when returning home after a long weekend.
Have a great Monday!

By the way, Bentley had a wonderful trip too.  He's 
catching up on his sleep now ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan - So glad you had a great weekend in Houston. There is certainly a lot to do there. LOVE your new lamp. Darling. Have a great week.


  2. The lamp is adorable. Fits your decor perfectly. Love old quilts, can't wait to see yours. My birthday is the 15th. Love July birthdays. Perfect amount of time past Christmas for gifts, lol. Really important when I was a kid, not so much now.

  3. Susan love that lamp. So full of character. Great find. I cannot wait to see the quilt. Happy New week.

  4. Love your new lamp. Susan. It's adorable. xo Laura

  5. Susan, it's always fun to have a weekend get away, and Houston is a great destination. Makes me want to plan a trip of my own. Love the lamp!


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