Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Night I Died and Went to Heaven

First of all, before we go any further, I did not really die
and consequently did not actually go to heaven.  The other
night I had a very vivid dream of dying and going to heaven
and the experience was very life changing.

I pray at night before I go to sleep.  Since my battle with
depression recently, I have been asking for guidance in all
that I do and in response to other's actions.  I ask for God's help
and lean on Him for support.  I ask Jesus to walk with me and 
to hold my hand and He strengthens me.  My life has improved
since then.  There are still bumps on the road, but I don't feel
overwhelmed when I confront them.  I just relax and let God
clear the path for me.

Two nights ago, I had a very vivid dream.  I was working
on a project with an unknown person.  I did not see this 
person's face or hear the voice, yet I communicated with
this man.  We were working on some type of community
service project and were very engrossed with our tasks when
suddenly we were both pulled out the room and pushed
towards a stairway.  

I could feel my body being pushed toward the stairway
by some invisible force and suddenly we were both in a
different place.  The best way to describe this place is that
it appeared to be very etherial, as though we were no longer
on an earthly realm.  Then a very bright light enveloped us.
Although it was the brightest light I had ever seen, I could
keep my eyes open and look into it without squinting or 
turning away.  Then I heard a loud bang and I asked my
co-worker what had just happened and he said ...

We both just died.

Of course, I did not want to believe I had just died.  I 
did not feel as though I had been through any physical 
trauma, and felt just as human as before.  Then I heard a
voice that said

You are in Heaven now.

When I looked around, this place where I found myself,
this Heaven, looked much like Earth.  And I asked 

What happens now?  What must I be doing?

And the answer was ....

You continue on as you were, but here there are no hardships, no pain
and no evil.  You live in peace with others.  You continue to serve.

I awoke very abruptly from this dream feeling renewed and aware that
this life we live is not forever.  We need to continue to work and to serve,
but not be concerned about the hurt that others may try to inflict.  We
just stay on the path and let our hearts be filled with hope and joy,
for that is what the future holds for those of us who believe.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I have some very disturbing dreams at time. But never had one like you experienced. I am always somewhere and trying to get back home.There has to be a message in dreams, but not sure what it is.

    1. Dreams can be confusing, especially when it seems there is a message, yet it is hard to interpret. I usually have silly dreams and rarely disturbing ones. I often wake up laughing in the middle of the night because my dreams are so comical. It drove my parents nuts when I was a little girl ;-)

  2. What an amazing dream, Susan...a little glimpse. The message you share is profound and beautiful...xoxo

    1. It was profound and it was not at all frightening, just insightful.

  3. Love this story! God works in so many ways in our lives ! Keep BELIEVING in all GODS greatness! He is with us now!!!

    1. God is always with each of us and life is so much happier when we invite him into our lives. Having a conversation with him ever night is very important to me.

  4. So many say that God speaks them. I always wondered about this. I think he did speak to you in this dream. It is such an unusual dream and so vivid. Amazing.

    1. I hope He was speaking to me via this dream. What amazed me so much was the continuity of life after death, as though it were seamless.

  5. What a beautiful dream! As much as I love my life here on earth, I can't wait until Jesus comes back for us.Thank you for sharing.

  6. I don't think this was a dream. Wow.

    1. I suppose I assumed it was a dream because I was asleep at the time. The one thing I know for sure is that it was profoundly pleasant and I awoke with great hope that has remained with me for the past two days.

  7. I was once told that when someone comes to us in a dream it's because we would be traumatized if we were awake. I think that God did speak to you because you have been searching for a way to overcome your depression and it was a way for you to realize that you will be okay and will be able to handle those who might try to hurt you by their actions. What a wonderful dream to experience.

  8. I believe He speaks to us through our dreams. Praying that you feel stronger and closer to Him with each passing day.

  9. What a beautiful blessing. To get a glimpse of Heaven through any means is indeed a privilege. I am so glad you were blessed in this way and shared it with me.

  10. That dream had to be God's hand touching your life when you were in need. God speaks to us in ways we sometimes cannot understand. How profound this must have been for you.

  11. I think God gives us these types of dreams to remind us, that he is with us. I have been so busy with Theo, I have not been able to chat much. Just know that I am here for you, always. Love you!


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