Monday, June 13, 2016

New Purchase from Magnolia Market

I have a large copper pot collection and have been looking for a way
to bring it out of the cupboards.  I considered hanging it over my
island, but after looking at lots of options to do that, I decided that
I would hang it over the cooktop instead.  

Many of the pot racks that can be purchased, are very contemporary in
design and I wanted something more rustic.  I was about to head to Houston
to a wrought iron fabricator when I discovered this rack on Chip and Joanna's
Magnolia Market website.  

It has the rustic element I have been looking for.  My only complaint is
that the hooks have fairly wide ends, so a few of my pots won't hang.
I decided that I would just add a few simple wrought iron hooks to
 the rack to accommodate the sauce and saute pans too.  I think that will
just be fine.

I think that the copper warms up the coolness of the stainless steel,
and it gives me something to look at when I am cooking.  That's a
good thing because I spend lots of time in front of this stove!

Bentley and I saw another snake on our nightly walks this
weekend.  It was a small one, and it slithered into some 
vegetation on the curb and into a yard.  I am sure we are seeing
snakes because the Guadalupe River is over it's banks and
the snakes have lost some of their usual burrows.  Let's hope
they can move back home soon!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. This looks great! I love my pot rack. I'm not digging for pot and pans!

  2. Your collection of copper cookware looks Great over the stove! And it certainly does warm up the cooler stainless steel and iron elements on the stove. I like it a LOT! :D


  3. Susan - That pot rack is perfect for your gorgeous collection of copper. Beautiful.


  4. Beautiful copper pots and a great way to display them!

  5. Stunning addition to your kitchen! Your pots are gorgeous!

  6. Susan, your copper pots are beautiful over the stove. It looks great!

  7. You have an amazing collection of copper pots! Glad you found a way to display and enjoy them.

  8. Your pot rack is perfect! Glad you were able to find it online!

  9. Your copper pots look stunning!

  10. Susan, your copper is gorgeous! The chef here has a collection of copper pots here too. He uses them, so it's not easy to keep them shiny bright all the time. Glad you found what you were looking for. It looks terrific in your kitchen.
    PS ~ Saw a dead snake on the road here while out walking. Rare, but it happens.

  11. Your copper pots look really beautiful especially grouped together like that ~ so shiny and pretty. One thing I have done when something wouldn't fit on a hook is tie a small string to the handle and then slip that over the hook. I always love having pretty things to look at in the kitchen since we spend so much time there, right?

  12. This isn't the first report I've heard of snakes. I haven't seen any in my yard. I'll have to be careful. I love Magnolia Market. Your copper is just gorgeous.

  13. Oh my goodness. Very pretty. Lucky you.

  14. A beautiful collection...they really do look great there. When we sold our olden house, I trimmed my pots and pans way down, getting rid of ones I didn't use. Of course, mine weren't pretty copper or I would still have them all.....xoxo

  15. The copper pots and pans are just gorgeous! Love them hanging like that!

  16. Oh what a wonderful collection!! A what a find from Magnolia Market! Very cool.....

  17. Don't take this wrong, but you must not cook very much or you love to clean your copper pots! I love how they look and love copper but all I could think of is how often I'd have to clean them since I cook so much...I cook outside in summer but its been awfully hot here!

  18. Love the pot rack Susan. Really a perfect place for it.

  19. It looks so nice. I hadn't thought of over the cook top but it looks perfect there. Love the look of copper cookware. I have been wanting a pot rack but I don't have a center island and I have a house full of tall guys. Think I will look at an over the cook top one. Thanks for sharing!


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