Friday, June 17, 2016

Summertime Bling

My fashion style is classic and simple, but when summer rolls around, I like
to add a little bling!  While I no longer spend hours perfecting a tan ~ now I
apply self tanners, I love bright colors and metallics against bronzed skin.  

Take this straw and gold metallic clutch from Lilly Pulitzer for example.
I will pair it with my gold wedges, and white jeans and a white lace top
and some pearls and I am ready for an evening out with my hubby.

I wear pearls all year.  I never layer on too many pieces of jewelry.  If I
wear this three strand pearl bracelet, then I skip and necklace and keep the
earrings small and simple.

Here are three of my favorites.  When I feel the need to be a bit more
glamorous, I wear the big hoops. 

This statement necklace works well with a strapless summer print or
to dress up a plain t-shirt with with jeans and cute sandals.

Adding pops of bright colors takes a simple solid summer sheath
to new levels.  I have a solid lime green sleeveless dress that I have worn
for years and I dress it up by adding this brightly patterned scarf and hot
pink woven handbag.

The bowtie cuff is from Lilly Pulitzer and the charm bracelet is Kate Spade.

I am a careful shopper too.  The woven bag and scarf were found at a 
consignment shop and the cuff was an eBay win.  The only new item here
is the Kate Spade charm bracelet.  I could not resist the terrier with the pink

Just because you are grocery shopping does not mean you cannot try to
look cute.  I throw on some madras shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops.  I 
like to add this cute Angela Moore hand painted bracelet.  It stretches and
is easy to wear.  The Tiffany bracelet and watch were gifts from David.

Now we're talking!  I love to show off my inner cowgirl by wearing a
pair of white jean shorts, my cowgirl boots and some pretend turquoise.
I really feel free and easy wearing this look.

Yee Haw!

I love, love, love this little horse bracelet!  The woman who makes these also
makes dog bracelets too.  You can find her fun jewelry here.

Summer is a fun and free season where we can all add a little bling to
our look.  Have a great weekend everyone!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I've never been one for bling? I must say though your are quite beautiful and if I lived close I'd have to steal the booths and the jewerly that goes with it! Just saying...

  2. Love all of your bling. I love pearls also. The boots are so cute.


  3. I love all your bling! I, too, adore some blingy bling...and that's why I sell Plunder Design (vintage inspired jewelry at savvy prices). How's that for a plug? LOL Sorry! Anyway, your bling is awesome, and I love those boots!

    Smiles from Chippy White Cottage,

  4. What fun pieces you have!! Love the boots, they would have been a huge hit at the huge country festival we had in our town last weekend!


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