Thursday, June 9, 2016

My Sandals Obsession

I love shoes ~ always have.  When I was a little girl and my Mom
bought me new shoes, I would set them right on top of the box and 
just look at them.  Then I would put them on and walk around my
room and then carefully set them back in the box and put them in
my closet until it was time to wear them.  Of course, I might have
to take a peek at them just one more time first.  New shoes were
always a highlight in my young life.

My two big shoe/sandals buying seasons are Fall and Spring.  I love
both equally.  I almost always order my shoes online now because I 
have a better selection of styles and size.  I wear a 5 1/2 ~ a tough size
to buy at the store and if I shop there I have to buy a 6 (if they have
a pair) and a 6 is a little big.  Yet, online, I usually can find my size
so that's the way to go for me.

I love the smell of brand new leather shoes.  As you can see, I am also
crazy for Jack Rogers sandals.  This is a new style for them this season
and I love the pineapple.  Did you know that in Colonial history a 
pineapple meant hospitality?  I suppose that makes these "friendly"
sandals :-)

These are from the Loft.  I bought these because my old black sandals
were falling apart and I thought these would be a cute replacement.
I love the way the strap wraps around the ankle.  Tres chic!

But these are my favorites.  Tassel sandals in navy and white.  I love any
shoe with a tassel.  I have loafers with tassels too.  These also come in
a madras print.  I almost bought them, but purchased the pineapple 
sandals instead because they are limited edition.  

I warned you that I am obsessed ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I wear flip flops most all summer. I would in the winter, if my feet did not get so cold. I inherited bunions and believe me finding shoes that do not hurt, not easy. I like your style in the ones you shared. You have a small,dainty foot where I almost need the box.

  2. Susan, sandals are a staple in a Texas girl's wardrobe. '-) Fun choices!

  3. Those sandals are ever so pretty and you have a tiny dainty foot size. I bought two sandals recently too. For me, they must have comfy padded inner soles.

  4. Beautiful sandals. As I moved, I realized I also had an obsession with shoes. LOL


  5. Ooh Ooh! That pineapple and those tassels! Love them!

  6. OOOO-La-La! Those are beautiful and perfect for summer months! When we lived in Maine, I missed ALL of my sandals and flip-flops so much! Just beautiful selections Susan! Hi Bentley!

  7. I love shoes, too and handbags!!! When Granny would take me to the dime store, I would always choose a purse, or pocketbook, as she called them. Love all the sandals!

  8. We all have our obsessions I think. Your's is a good one! I enjoy getting your emails so I know to come over. I'd love you to come and visit. I have an email sign up too. Love to see you at my place. BTW I have a book giveaway ending soon. I'll be running a new one each week through the summer. Check it out.

  9. What cute sandals! I'm with you on buying shoes online. I wear a 6 wide which is practically nowhere to be found in stores.

  10. Love your sandals. I have so many myself, and like you, I wear a size 5 1/2, but with sandals, I can get by with a size 6. Hard to find that size also. Anyway, sandals are always a fun buy, and fun to wear, as people seem to always notice them, and comment on them.

  11. Adorable!!! I also have a bit of a sandals obsession...I bought two new pairs last week!

  12. Cute sandals! A pretty pedi and you are all set for summer. Pinned them to my shoe board. Nothing like a new pair of shoes and nothing wrong with a little shoe obsession. ha! My Chihuahuas, Riley and Jacob, send Bentley slurpy kisses. They said if he wasn't so far away they would share their Trader Joe's Organic Chicken Treats. I bought some for the grand-pugs Beaux and Dak when I was in McKinney in February and they love them.

  13. I love sandals, too. I wear size 5 and 5 1/2. I have found quite a few shoes at You may want to check it out.


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