Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Grandmother's Heirloom Quilt

Over the weekend, David's sister Cindy gave us a vintage quilt that belonged
to their paternal grandmother.  It's a lovely quilt and it pairs very well with
the pillow I made last year from a tea towel that Cindy found at a garage
sale, and some Ralph Lauren fabric and other scraps I had to create this
cottage style pillow.

I am not certain of the era of these fabrics, but I am guessing 1930's or perhaps
1940's.  The stitching is tiny and perfect.  A very pretty quilt in excellent 

I wonder when Grandmother Freeman had time to make it since she raised five
boys and was the wife of an Army Colonel who was transferred to military bases
across the country. 

I never had the opportunity to meet Henrietta as she and the Colonel 
passed away before David and I were married.  I hope she knows that
her quilt is loved and will be well cared for until it is handed down to
the next generation.

Family heirlooms give such warmth and uniqueness to a home.
Thanks for stopping by to see our new treasure.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. You have been gifted a treasure I can only imagine the hours of work taken to create such an heirloom.
    The pillow is a perfect compliment, your talents are never-ending :)

  2. Gorgeous heirloom. So much beautiful hand work.


  3. Oh Susan...this is just a treasure to own and absolutely beautiful!! I have a passion for quilts and have some originals made by both my grandmothers! Your bedroom is just sweet and soft! Thank you so much for sharing! I just loved it! Hi Bentley!

  4. Oh Susan......How beautiful that quilt is! And the reason ladies had time to make quilts back then was technology. There was none! Radio and conversation in the evenings. Enjoy your gift.

  5. It looks lovely how nice that it was given to you. Love the colors. And your sweet pillow to match. She probably made and worked on it when the children were off to bed. And her husband was gone. They didn't have the things we had. I crochet in the evenings. Lobely quilt thanks for sharing with love Janice

  6. What a gem! I love it. I wish I had the quilt that my cousins & I used to sleep on at my aunt Louise's house in Kentucky. We made pallets on the floor & "camped" out. I seem to recall it had Holly Hobbie shapes quilted on it.

  7. It's lovely, old handmade quilts look so wonderful.


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