Monday, January 7, 2019

What's In My Closet?

Over the weekend, I wrote a Facebook post about blogs, and whether
or not folks want to read them anymore.  I was prompted to ask this
question after reading a post by my friend Katie, who writes the blog
Let's Add Sprinkles.  Katie mentioned  several bloggers who have 
given up their blogs, or are thinking about doing so.  

The responses I received were mixed.  Some said they stopped
reading blogs and prefer Instagram.  Some said they stopped reading
certain blogs because of either annoying pop up adds, or the
feeling that blogs had become much less personal than they
were in the past.  Too commercial, and readers get the feeling
that it's all about "look at me, make me famous".  

I understand that feeling because there are blogs I have stopped
reading for those very same reasons.  

I want to keep my blog until I am too old and feeble to write it.
Quite honestly, my blog has become an extension of me.  I can't
quite find the time to write a post every day, but that doesn't mean 
I'm not thinking of it.  My husband suggests ideas for posts now
too.  It's too much a part of me and my little family.

I received many personal messages and responses to my
questions on Facebook, asking me not to quit, and offering
suggestions for topics.  One suggestion was that I divulge
more about myself.  So, in response to that topic, here is
a look into my clothes closet.

Our house was designed and built in 1948 by a woman and her
architect.  She quite obviously knew the value of closet and storage
space because it is generous.  In the master bedroom, there are four
closets, two walk-ins and one standard type and a very large linen

My husband moved down here about two months before I did.  He
claimed the walk-in closet in the dressing room.  It is a good size space
with built in shoe racks and a built in four drawer dresser.  At first
I was a bit miffed that he took the larger of the two walk-ins, but
as he explained, he doesn't have to disturb me in the morning because
the dressing room is just off the bedroom on the way to the bath.
He was right, and I am now quite happy with the decision.

As you can see from the above photo, I like to store my shoes in
their original boxes.  I wipe them off after I wear them and I even
put the tissue paper back in the toes.  I have always loved shoes.  
I think I already told you the "paper loafer" story, didn't I?

I also love clothes.  Believe it or not, I still have some clothes from
the mid 1980's before I married David.  They still fit too!  I chalk that
up to good genes (both my parents were slim), and the constant talk
about waistlines with both my Mom and my Aunt Susan.  Aunt Susan
was a model in NYC in her younger days and never left that training
behind.  Every time we would have one of our lengthy gab sessions,
she would ask me "what size is your waist now"?   I keep a scale in
my closet because even though my Mom and Aunt Susan are both
gone, I feel like I need to keep up the family tradition.

I am very sentimental too, even about clothes and accessories.  Here
is a cap from my old Alma Mater in Lake Forest, Illinois.  

Here is something else about me .... I love my Jack's, and it's quite obvious.
It's so warm down in South Texas that I have winter sandals and summer ones
too.  As you can see, if you can read the tiny print, I have small feet.  I
wear a 5 1/2.  My Paternal Grandmother has really tiny feet, even smaller
than mine.  Having small feet is both a blessing and a curse.  Shoes look
good, but it's not always easy to find my size.  Jack Roger's always
seems to have them.  Thanks, Jack!

These are my Hunter boots.  Oh so necessary in South Texas because
when it rains it's not often a soft rain, but a gully washer.  Puddles
everywhere.  These keep me dry and stylish too.  By the way, if you
call customer service at Hunter, everyone has the most charming 
British accents!

I'm thinking of adding a fashion look book from time to time, 
so that you can see how I put my looks together from this closet.
See, I am not all about decorating the house, I like to decorate
me too!

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I enjoyed seeing the inside of your closet. What fun to have room to keep your shoes in the boxes. I did that for many years, before we moved, and I no longer have the space to do that. I too wear a 5.5 shoe size, but sometimes when I can't find what I want in my size, I have to buy a size 6. My Mother wore a 4.5, but she was a tiny lady and never weighted more than 98 lbs and was 4'11". Anyway...thanks for the peek into your closet. Oh, I can say tho, I can still wear the earrings I wore in high school..(Ahem, I'm sure you have heard that one before) grin.....Hugs, Bonnie in Wet gloomy WI

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  2. Hi, Susan. I enjoy reading your blog, although I don't always comment. I hope you will continue to write the blog, I much prefer blogs to Instagram! I love your closet, I wish I had that much storage in my house! Happy New Year!

  3. I don't do IG. I joined and within minutes some guy hacked me. I didn't even have time to learn to make it more secure so forget that! I still read blogs and most of them are crafters I enjoy that do quilting, cross stitch, embroidery, wool applique and such. I follow others to see decorating, recipes, etc. Some of the bloggers got irate or foul mouthed over the presidency and that's not what I want to hear-I don't care who's in office. I have my own opinions and don't inflict them on others so I don't want their opinions inflicted on me. I use to listen to a cross stitch person on You Tube that although I enjoyed seeing her work she was proud of using the F word and it became more and more frequent so I stopped watching her. What if someone is watching her that has small children? She doesn't care about that so off with her channel. So those are two things that turn me off of social media. I come to social to get away from the news and the rudeness of people. I'm there to learn more about the crafts I enjoy or to see some nice decorating or gardens, etc. I've always been a hard to fit shoe person. My feet were always extra wide. I love shoes but hate shopping for them. I envy people who can or will wear any type of shoe. I also have large legs and although I would love some of those cute decorated Wellies, they just don't fit. I would love more closet and storage room though.

  4. I love your closet. I have been small and then some of my clothes are in various sizes!! I've been downsizing and tried the trick of putting all the hangars the opposite way on the rod and then checking in a few months to see if I've even worn something. It is a real eyeopener and it's helped me "release" some items to charity where I hope they see more use than they did in my closet. I love your blog. Keep going. Facebook is relentless sometimes and instagram may have tons of beautiful photos, but no content beyond that. Something about a blog that is so much more personal.

  5. Now I have closet envy.

    I don't do IG. I prefer blogs. I also stopped reading the ones that have too many pop-ups, became too commercial or went off the rails after the presidential election.

    I would be interested is seeing a photo of your Aunt Susan in her modeling days.

  6. I've followed you for a long time! Will admit it's been awhile since I've read many blogs or blogged myself. I did mention to you on FB that I love to blog, illness took me away and now I want to blog again! I read all of the notes that were written to you, you must continue to blog! By the way you just live a hop, skip and a jump down the road from me.

    I'll be back to check on you and Bentley!


  7. Love your post on continuing to blog. I to had been debating whether I should stop blogging; but after much thought I have decided to continue with it. To me it's a sort of like keeping a sort of diary or scrapbook of what I'm up to. I also love to read and see what other bloggers are up to, and learning from them.

    You love shoes!!! I have never heard of Jack Robert shoes. I visited their website and I really love their sandals. I have a hard time finding cute sandals for the summer for myself.

  8. I have been reading you for some time also but rarely post comments. I have been blogging for some time and I too will blog until I am to old to push the keys. I have met a lot of blog friends and others I feel like I know. I do not care for blogs with ads and you can tell they are generating money with their blog or trying not my thing.
    Toxic people, I have cut all of them out bit by bit one was my sister. I have blocked them from my facebook I do not take their calls, they have stopped now.And when I got a letter saying they wanted to bury the hatchet and then go on to tell me all about the issues of someone I love dearly, I ripped it up and never replied. I am done this is my life not theirs they are free to do as they please but I will not be party to it. They get pleasure from our distress.We shut the news off after a 1/2 hour of local news and turn on the music or enjoy our computers. This is our home we get to live how we want.
    We are sooo much happier and love our sweet friends and family (that love us) deeper. Just my two cents worth

  9. I was part of Katie's discussion too and I am delighted you are "keeping at it." Me too. And no ads, sponsors! Yay, a kindred spirit! It's fun taking this peek inside your closet. I love your boots. And a tad envious about winter and summer sandals!

  10. NO social media for me either...keep doing the blog. Much better than IG or FB...too much drama and adds and political stuff that I can do with out!

  11. Oh Susan....tbis was such fun! You have style and enjoyed this post!

  12. I love your blog as it is more than miniatures, and it includes home decor, which I love to read about. I too blog and my blog is focused on fashion dolls and furniture. My instagram is used specifically to advertise my items on my ebay store, and the occasional personal post. I stay away from political posts on facebook, instagram and twitter. Twitter is also used to advertise my ebay listings, but that is it.
    I agree with many here that many craft videos on youtube, and some blogs, people use profanity and include politics which are needless when you are attempting to enjoy learning about a craft or hobby you love. Mine is I like to learn about polymer clay techniques in sculpting, I have not seen anyone cursing in those as of yet, for the most part those artists are professional in their videos. Hubby and I watch local news and listen to music while working on our computers unless there is a show coming on TV that we wish to watch- we do not pay for cable or directTV , as there is nothing on it. We just have the freebie local channels and are fine with it. Most everything we want to watch is on PBS masterpiece theater anyway, like Victoria, Downtown Abbey and all those other wonderful shows.
    So glad you are keeping your blog and your closet space is wonderful- such an amazing little bungalow you have!

  13. I spied those fun shoes in the first photo. I don't have a pair of Jacks but I'd love a pair. I have a couple of pairs of Tori Burch shoes and I love them. I'm more of a handbag girl but I do love a good pair of shoes. Thanks for the link back. The discussion on your Facebook was quite interesting. I still love blogging. I'm sad about some of the bloggers call it quits but I do understand it. I try to share my real life too and blogging is my preferred way of doing that. Keep it up. I enjoy your blog so much.

  14. I love the inside of your closet. My closet not so big.
    Suddenly I've found your blog today. Love to read. Please do not give up blogging.

    Please visit:

  15. A fun post. Thanks for the peek! I’m on my iPad with the light off and a moth just flew at the screen, I hope it doesn’t go in my closet! Hubby leaves the doors open.

    I came here from Debbie Dabble Blog.

    On the topic of ads, types of blogs, etc, I think it comes down to time of life, personal circumstances, and tastes. Income earning has become harder and more precarious for many people, while costs (family, general and also internet) are rising. So lots are looking for alternative ways to earn. Some , from reading between the lines, are in bad financial straits, single Mum, can’t find work, shut-ins, have to do home maintenance, or whatever. So,I put up with their ads.

    I’m currently on the free plan on Wordpress and they put up an ad, I can’t choose or remove that unless I buy a paid plan.

    Decor on blogs is sometimes not applicable to my house, then one day there is one thing in their room that gives me an idea. So I keep an open mind. And I get attached to the blogger after reading a few weeks. Sometimes I hit the jackpot by finding a new blogger friend, that makes me very happy, as I’m a people person. Not aiming for numbers, but individuals.

    On the topic, you mentioned your mother daughter tradition, you might be interested in ours I discussed on my post here

    So hello from Australia! Regards Cath

  16. Susan,
    I love reading your blog and hope you never stop! I too have noticed the changes in the Blogosphere and the disappearance of some of the personal lifestyle blogs I've followed over the years. I guess technology keeps upping the ante; people keep looking for something new. But for me, as for you, blogging is a part of me and I don't want to give up the blog friends I've made over the years. You can say, and learn, so much more in a blog post that in a FB or Twitter post. I admit to feeling discouraged from time to time when I put hours into a post and receive no comments (Is anyone reading?) but writing brings me joy so it is still worth it to me. I hope people like you ( and Bentley!) will keep blogging in spite of trends. Cheryl

    1. You can see if anyone is reading on your dashboard stats, also where in the world they are, which is so fun. I had khazakstan again yesterday.

  17. An afterthought: After reading all of your Comments on this post I want to suggest that we each make an effort to actually Comment on the blogs we read to let the blogger know that we do, indeed, enjoy their blog! I admit that I'm guilty of reading and not commenting many times and I'm going to try to take the time to leave a positive comment more often.

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