Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Plans for the Patio and Veranda

After five and one half years living in South Texas, I have 
finally come to the realization that there are some things I 
just cannot accomplish in the garden.  Once summer comes,
and it comes early here, it never leaves until nearly November.
There are few flowering plants that can withstand the 
relentless heat.  

Last year I purchased a potted Hibiscus that did very well.
It continued to produce lovely and big flowers well into Fall.
I cut it back and am hoping it will return again.  Cala Lily
does well too, but again it needs to stay in a pot.

My goal for the patio and veranda is to keep it easy.
I will be on the hunt for more big pots and may want to
try a small potted lemon tree too.  

The old porch swing that we brought down from Idaho is
really looking shabby now.  I have been on the hunt for another
one, and may want to invest in all weather wicker this time.
Our squirrels pulled the stuffing out of two of my Pottery Barn
pillows, so I need to find replacements for those as well. 

Next month begins the yearly live oak tree leaf shed.  Then
the yard will be covered in tiny oak leaves.  That will keep me
busy for a while too.  I am anxious to see if this year I can have
the patio and veranda of my dreams.

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


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  2. Hi Susan, it's too hot in here. I put several of my plants in the house so they can be better. Some plants do not like very hot days.

  3. I'm a little north of you (Wimberley area) but it's also a long hot summer for us. I've put in hot weather loving flowering plants: lantana, plumbago, and esperanza. They look beautiful through the summer with a little water during the driest times. I tried other plants, but they would look so shabby by July and August. I've heard people have good luck with the Meyer lemons in Texas, and make really good lemon pies :-)

  4. I live in Austin and it gets very hot & humid here. My sure-fire flowering plants are purslane and portulaca. Those are hard to kill. I have also had good luck with those mums that are for sale everywhere in the fall. So far they have survived the winter and they don't seem to mind the heat. Lantanas are an excellent flowering plant that is also drought-resistant. I wish that I could grow lavender and lobelia. I always kill those.

  5. Hey Susan,
    I live in western Pa....we'll be lucky if we see spring by June!!!
    But we can dream!

  6. Hi Susan,
    We live in the Woodlands and the go to plant for me, that does well in extremely not weather is yellow lantana. The purple and white don't do as well. I also think they bloom like crazy too if you keep them fertilized. Hibiscus, plumbago and pentas really do well for me here too. I love blooming flowers. Good luck with your patio and veranda!

    Have a great week~


  7. Here in North Texas I have to put my hibiscus in the garage to over winter them. This Fall I was caught by surprise and lost 2 because I didn't get them in in time. Lantana also does well in the Texas heat with several different colors. Winter so far hasn't been too bad, and I am hoping it will remain mild. Last year we lost several oak trees from the ice storm, and so far we haven't had much ice. Will pray it continues to be mild. Looking forward to see what you have planned in your garden this year.

  8. We have the live oak leaves everywhere in S. FL too. My lemon tree is already trying to bloom again. I have been off on assignment working so I need to redo my pots for the winter and cut back my wild poinsettia bush. Our summer lasts until well into November too.

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