Monday, January 14, 2019

A Trip to San Antonio and a New Lamp

David, Bentley and I took a trip to San Antonio over the weekend.  A 
friend of David's was in town from Dallas and invited us to dinner.
He made reservations at a restaurant in downtown San Antonio called
Bohanan's.  If you are in San Antonio and want a special dinner, this
is the place to go.  They serve Allen Brothers steaks from Chicago.  My
Aunt Susan used to send them to us.  I think she was always concerned 
that I might forget about my hometown.  We had a wonderful visit and
a memorable dinner too.

Our friend flew back to Dallas the next day, and we stayed on at
our favorite hotel, Omni La Mansion del Rio.  It is such a lovely
historic hotel and Bentley is always welcome there.  Our room had
a balcony over looking the river and even though it was chilly
outside, we took advantage of sitting out there, reading the paper,
and watching all the visitors and tour boats go by.  On Saturday night,
David was sitting out on the balcony smoking a cigar and having a
cocktail, while I finished dressing for dinner.  All of the tour boats
that sail by always mention La Mansion because of it's historic value,
and also because it was once the school for St Mary's Church next door.
However, this time the tour guide pointed up at David sitting on the
balcony and said,  "There he is ... Mr Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."
Of course, David wasn't the least bit embarrassed, in fact he loved the
comment and waved to the folks on the boat.  He loves being the center
of attention ;-)

We were able to return the iPad to Apple.  Then we bought a storage
unit so I can download everything from my Mac and let a Mac expert
take a look at it and see what's going on.  That will be happening this
week, so I will be working off my old lap top.  As a consequence, posts
may be a bit sporadic.

Now about the lamp pictured above.  I have a friend here who is the wife
of one of my husband's dearest childhood friends.  She is a Facebook
friend of mine, and was looking at the picture I posted of our fireplace
mantel at Christmas.  She thought about a lamp she had up in her attic
that she was no longer using, and thought I might like to have it.  She sent
me a photo and then the lamp.  She was right, it matches my style and I
love it!

The plumber will be here again this week to fix a slow drain in the
master bath shower.   It's always something isn't it?  Our plumber knows
this house inside and out.  Good thing too because we always seem to
have some little glitch.

Wishing y'all a happy week, and we will chat again soon!

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I always love a getaway! And what a thoughtful gift. So very nice!

  2. What an adorable lamp and what a neat friend to send it to you--
    and dinner with friend and an overnight adventure--such fun--
    luv, di

  3. The little lamp looks right at home on the table alongside the books and china- a Very Pretty picture!

  4. Love your new lamp---sounds like a great trip!

  5. I'm so glad you were able to return the iPad. I hope they can find out what the problem is.

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