Wednesday, January 9, 2019

In Computer World Hell

I can't seem to fix the problem I am now having with blogger.  I can no
longer post on my miniatures site, at least not from my Mac.  I now have
to work between my Mac and my laptop.  I am having problems uploading
photos too now.  I feel like I am in computer world hell.  

I could end up being stuck with a faulty iPad because I learned that it
must be returned in 14 days.  Well, the 14 days are over because it was
a Christmas gift and was ordered prior to Christmas.  Yikes.  I just want 
to cry!  Sorry for the emotional break down.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan, I've had problems in the past with similar issues. My one idea is to change browsers. If you aren't on Internet Explorer try that, or try other ones to see what might be more compatible. Blogger is notoriously picky on what browser works when. If you are affiliated with Google then they might be able to give you some help. My bet is trying several different browsers, that may open the door to get things back to normal.

  2. I'm so sorry you are having such frustrations. Not being a blogger myself, I have no suggestions to offer but I hope you can find some help soon.

  3. Kim at Six Fix or Linda at Life and Linda. They are both blogger geniuses. So sorry. I'm on Chrome. Firefox and Safari didn't want to play well with Blogger.

  4. Life without the computer hard to imagine now but once we lived that way.

  5. I am the dumbest when it comes to computers. What I do is the same every day or else I am lost.

  6. I am so sorry - computer issues can be so frustrating - hope you get it straightened out soon. I hate that they gave such a small window of time to return the Ipad! urggggggg Have you taken it into the Apple store?

  7. Technology is wonderful when it works properly. Good luck, Susan. I'm sure Bentley would help if he could.

  8. Break as much as you need to, Susan. I'd be breaking too. When something happens to the computer I am frozen...

  9. I hope you can get things fixed. I wonder if you reached out and told them it was a gift-ordered well before Christmas if they would let you return it? Good luck! xo Diana

  10. Hello, the problem is that Blogger (Blogspot) site , owned by Google, doesn’t jive well with IPad. You can read easily, but not post, put up pictures etc. I used iPad only on Blogger for two years, but you have to get an app to do so, in the iPad App Store. It’s the only way. Don’t return your iPad, they’re great!

    The latter comes with every machine, built in. You will need your Apple password, usually, to get the app. I have a teen that helped me with Blog touch pro app. Later when she got busy, I found their support guy pretty helpful if you keep talking to him. Now I am a real tech dinosaur, so if I can use Blog touch for blogger, anyone can. In fact, since I moved to Wordpress I miss the ease of using it. Only prob after two years I was out of photo space there. I post too many photos!!

    Cath from Australia


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