Monday, January 28, 2019

Your Vote Was Counted ~ Vintage Style Farmhouse Won!

Y'all know me so well!  You pushed me in the direction of my heart, and
a vintage style farmhouse decor won out!  I'm so excited about this
path.  Thank you for a much needed nudge!!

I'm going through cupboards and digging out things I have been
collecting for years.  Often in the past, I would purchase things that
I had no immediate use for, but just because I loved them.  Here is a
set of four Homer Laughlin luncheon plates.  I loved the shape and
the vintage innocence when I first saw them.  Now they will have a 
home in the hutch that is already in the shed.

I chose the vintage style of farmhouse because I want it to be a
throwback to simpler times.  A little cottage that reminds me of a
grandmother who loves and nurtures her family.  She's the type of 
woman who can make her home charming and pretty out of 
almost anything.  It won't be a coordinated look, but rather the
look of beloved items collected and used over the years.

While I think the modern farmhouse look is attractive, and shows up
beautifully in photographs, it doesn't always draw me in and make me
feel cozy.  That's just me, and as y'all know, I decorate to suit myself.
I tend to think of myself as a director of a movie and want to set the
stage for the plot I am dreaming up in my head.  I envision a little
cottage in the country with lots of flowers and herbs scattered about
outside.  There is a laundry line with pretty little aprons and 
tablecloths hanging in the breeze.  Some chickens running around.
Okay, y'all know that David has repeatedly said no to the chickens,
but in my dream they are there.  Inside the shed are useful items that
are well worn and well loved.  A cottage where you can imagine 
that the wonderful aroma of a freshly baked pie is in the air.

This is heaven to me!  Stay tuned.  I have plans to make this
dream as real as possible.

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, your Vintage Style Farmhouse dream will come true! I can picture pure charm and with you directing the decor, it'll be perfect! Will be watching!

  2. OH!!! I love your dream, sweet Susan, and I KNOW that you will make it happen. What fun to have a place to play with and enjoy. I hope you have a wonderful time getting it "just right". I can't wait to see your progress! xo Diana

  3. I love it all and I think you'll be so happy decorating and collecting for it. I loved all the stuff in the cupboard/hutch you showed in older posts. Did you ever watch "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz? I loved the little cottage in that movie. I also watch many UK shows like Midsommer Murders, etc and the people seem to have all these old homes that look so cozy. Many of them put up cup hooks and have lots of cups hanging from them. I first watched it for the murder mysteries (caution: some are pretty bad-not graphically so much but just the subjects like incest so many would not enjoy the mysteries-just wanted to put the warning out there) but I have re-watched them since just to enjoy the homes, cottages and oh, the gardens! One episode a man lived in an old school house-loved the desk, the chalkboard and he had a very beautiful rose garden. Your dishes are lovely and I love those little lamb s&p shakers. I don't suppose you crocheted that potholder did you? I would love the name of the pattern so I could look it up and crochet one. I crocheted a vintage pot holder that is similar with an Irish Rose in the center but I love that edging on yours. I also love to crochet doilies from vintage patterns especially the "pineapple" doilies. I'll look forward to your future postings on this. Hello to li'l Bentley

  4. I also love the "make a nest" looks and I'm sure you will do a wonderful job and have so much fun doing it.

  5. That is too funny. Bill and I just had the same conversation about chickens on Saturday. I love your darling plates.

  6. Amen on (iced white) 'modern farmhouse'---which is an oxymoron....cows and chickens don't belong in the city---and a windmill in a high-rise condo---is just foolish. Gramma's look is endearing because it makes an emotional connection...doilies on the back of every piece of furniture, treasured teacups, either a collection or for everyday serving can't be beat. And, the whole purpose of a farmhouse was NOT buying new---but making do.


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