Monday, January 21, 2019

Let's Pretend It's Spring

I know it's only January 21st, and we have many more days of winter
ahead, but I woke up this morning thinking about Spring.  I went inside
my closet and pulled out two dresses both in pinks and greens.  I tried
them on because I wanted to make sure they still fit after the holidays.
I tried to behave myself after all the fancy dinners and travel, and
fortunately my resolve paid off because they still fit.  However, it also
made me long to wear them.  Oh well, back into the closet they went.
Our winter down here so far has been pretty good.  Lot's of gray and
cloudy days, and lots of wind, but no freezes.  That makes me happy
because my ginger plants continue to get taller and fuller.

You might also be thinking ...  wasn't there a time last Fall when she was
longing for sweater weather?  Well, that's true, I was longing for scarves,
and cashmere, and corduroy.   I am still wearing them and enjoying them
especially on damp and chilly days, yet I am also longing for the warm 
sun on my face and seeing the new life in the garden that will one
day return.  What can I say ....  I'm fickle!

My houseplants are getting particularly special care because I am longing
to play in the dirt.  Spring tends to arrive early here in South Texas, but
it also is fleeting.  We mostly have two seasons, winter and summer, and
Spring is a true gift that we all savor.

In the meantime, I will amuse myself with gardening catalogs and
photos of patios and verandas on Pinterest.  It never hurts to be prepared!

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I would have loved to have seen thoses dresses on you....good job keeping in check over the holidays. I'm game...I will imagine it is Spring today too! Ahhhh so nice and warm out today haha ♥

  2. I’m going to be ready for spring when it arrives! I must say, I do love winter though. How great that your spring dresses fit, that’s not what I’ll be able to say! I need to get with working out a bit more and yes, healthier eating. By the way, love your miniatures, they are darling!

  3. I actually enjoy Winter but I can do without the minus 5 degree temps. that we have had here in the Northeast over the last few days which has caused the 6 inches of snow which was followed by freezing rain to freeze to solid ice. Thankfully, I have not had to go outside the house until today when the temps. will rise into the 20's!Beautiful photos!! I do better physically in the Winter due to my auto immune disease. And it seems that we too go right from Winter to 89 degree heat which still keeps me in the house.

  4. OH I want to play Spring for sure. I am so over winter and we still have a few months to go here in Illinois.
    The photos are so pretty. Oh we girls can dream about Spring coming hopefully early this year.

  5. I love the dollhouse pics, but I think a lot of the folks are thinking they are in your real house! giggle...



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