Thursday, May 14, 2020

Chit Chat

I had my second round of immunology infusion yesterday.  It's 
really quite simple.  I sit in a recliner with an IV and receive two
different types of solutions that are meant to build up my
T cells and getting them fighting the cancer cells.  It takes a 
couple of hours.  There have been no negative side effects, and
there is no hair loss from this form of chemo.

I am not alone in the center.  There are two rooms of patients
receiving their own infusions.  Everyone is so friendly and
quite cheerful and the mood is kept upbeat by the kindest
nurses who work to make sure everything runs smoothly, and
that we are all comfortable.  They help to keep the laughter

I cannot say enough nice things about the nurses I have come to 
know throughout my several months of illness.  They are truly
competent angels!  It would have been much, much harder to get
through all the treatments and scary days I have experienced.
God bless them!  I am forever grateful for their expertise and for
their compassion.  

Susan and Oliver


  1. Susan, I love your positive outlook on fighting your illness. I know that's half the battle. I'm glad too that you have others to be with and nurses that care. I wish you the very best and I'm sending healing prayers your way.

  2. I like your photos and the wicker furniture. I am praying for healing for you, and it sounds like the infusions are going well.

    1. They are going well. I keep feeling better and better. My appetite has come back and I have gained a much needed couple of pounds.

  3. The oncology, Neonatal ICU, hospice and burn trauma nurses are the angels of the profession. I'm just a hard headed ED/OB/Trauma gal.

    1. I bet you are an angel too! I have not met a nurse I did not love!!

  4. Hello Susan. It's been several months since I've checked in to Ash Tree Cottage, and I'm so very sorry about Bentley's death. Our girl Maren died over a year ago and I miss her deeply every day. How wonderful that you've kept your heart open and adopted Oliver.

    What I also wanted to comment on is our mutual love for nurses. Two years ago in a freak accident I fell down a flight of stairs into a basement. I sustained several fractures (six ribs, collarbone, elbow, arm, back and two in
    my neck) and a TBI. The fast action of the man who saw me fall, and the EMTs got me to the hospital alive, and from there the most excellent team took over. I spent three weeks in ICU, ten of those days on life support. My two nurses did *everything* for me, and my gratitude is endless. At the same time my husband was in rehab following brain surgery, and his nurses were also amazing.

    Here's hoping your infusions will beef up your immune system and you'll be feeling even better very soon.

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