Friday, May 15, 2020

Cooking While Sheltering at Home

The restaurants around our town are starting to open up, and of
course many have been making take out and delivery an option
which we have enjoyed.  Despite these options, I still enjoy a
home cooked meal.  I've been going through old cookbooks to
find some comfort food recipes we have not had for a while.

I really like the recipes from this book!

I'm left with the question ~ what to make for dinner tonight?
Any suggestions???

Susan and Oliver


  1. I'm making turkey tacos with corn on the cob and avacado slices on the side!

  2. Pineapple chicken stir fry and rice with steamed broccoli

  3. The Little Paris Kitchen cookbook is great. Have you tried making the croque madame muffins yet? They are delicious. Hugs Rose x


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