Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bye Bye January ~ Not Too Sad to See You Go!

Hi y'all!  Well, we made it through January.  January is not a favorite month
of mine.  It's after Christmas and there is a lull after all the festivity of the
season.  It's usually cold ~ even here in South Texas.  I try to look on the
bright side, so I have been able to wear sweaters and burn fires in the 
fireplace.  However, I am starting to long for spring.  Now, I may well
regret that because after spring comes the long, long, long, hot summer
days of South Texas, but I'll take the chance and give in to a tad bit
of Spring longing.

I spent four hours working in the yard yesterday.  We had two days of 
a cold snap that froze all the Ginger again.  My lawn man doesn't have
time to cut all the ginger back.  I think that secretly he doesn't want to do
it because he told me that we might have to give up on tropicals and 
plant something that will withstand a freeze.

So, back outside I will be once again, lathered up with SPF 50, my
sun protection hat, sweats, gardening gloves and clogs, hoping that
I don't run into any snakes when I am making my way through the
clean up.

Wish me luck ;-)

I am itching to show you some Valentine's Day decorating, but I am holding
off until February.  I don't want to rush things and make time fly by any
faster than it already does, so hang on ~ it's coming!  

I must tell you my big accomplishment for the month of January.  I 
decided to have a Dry January.  This has become a tradition in England
to give the liver a rest after the holidays.  I have not had a glass of wine 
since New Year's Day, and it's been so easy for me that I am thinking 
about abstaining for February too.  I get a thrill out of conquering small
challenges.  So, my next challenge is to memorize Bible passages.
I have never done this before, but I am enjoying this challenge so much.
I will give you more information about this later this week.  Until then, 
it's back outside to tackle cutting down the Ginger that froze.  It will
all grow back, so I am not worried about it.   Have a great day!

PS: Bentley will be taking his sun bath in the garden while I am
hard at work.  He sure does have it easy :-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. January has been a mixed blessing for me but I'm not sad to see it go. Cold weather, flu everywhere, surgery for me and Mom and we lost our sweet kitty Sam. Still I'm feeling better and the sun is shining today.

  2. Good luck with all the ginger chopping. Sounds like your gardener guy is looking for an "out". It has been a busy month here-busier than I anticipated with start up of a business with my son and kids down with the flu, etc.

    Here's to a sun-filled February with nice days that lead us into spring. Love to you, xo Diana

    ps--Watch out for SNAKES!!!!


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