Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Fairy Lights Stay!

All of the Christmas decorations are staying up past Epiphany.  I will
take everything down after that, except for the fairy lights in my
studio.  The fairy lights stay!  They make me feel happy and turn 
the room into such a magical spot!

I sure will miss the Christmas tree in the family room.  It's a beauty and
in still fresh and green.  We have enjoyed every moment we have spent
near it's warm glow.  By the way, I sprayed "snow" on the windows to
give the room a winter wonderland theme.  Last night we really did have
a freeze, so it was hard to tell this morning which frost was real and
which was pretend ;-)

I still have a few mornings to enjoy coffee from my Santa mug.  
He has brought some cheer into each day, and I will miss him
when I pack him away until next year.  Ah well, I suppose it's what
makes the season magical ~ but the fairy lights stay!!!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Nice!

    Love the decor and the Santa mug!

  2. I agree.....keep the fairy lights!! I'm keeping mine till whenever!!! Happy New Year!!

    1. These lights are so cheery. Have a happy and positive New Year!

  3. Today, the Christmas gifts under the tree will be put away but the tree and the smaller trees and the fairy lights will stay up for a bit longer. We love the Season, not just the day and living in the country affords us the luxury of no one knowing our tree is still up! Unless they visit in person of course. Enjoy your fairy lights. They look so sweet! Chy

    1. We always had an especially magical Christmas when we lived in the rolling countryside of Middleburg, Virginia. Our farmhouse was built before the Civil War and every room had lovely windows. I put a little electric candle in each window and the effect was so charming!

  4. Yep you should never turn off the fairy lights and they must stay!!! It is hard when the tree comes down and the pretty lights are put away for another year. I love the warmth and cozy feel the tree gives too. Glad Santa cup is staying for a few days longer too. Enjoy this first week of the new year.

  5. I have fairy lights along all my windows that overlook the lake and I love it. They will stay for a while longer. It's magical when I get up in the middle of the night.

  6. Yes! Keep the fairy lights! We have a Dickens Village that we keep up from Thanksgiving through February. We call it a winter village, not Christmas! It's lights in the evening are comforting and cheerful as we sit in our living room. I'm drinking out of my Christmas cardinal mug this morning. It'll probably go after I run the dishwasher again. Happy New Year to you, your husband and sweet Bentley!

  7. Some of my fairy lights have stayed too. I love the twinkle.


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