Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Just Say No to Drama

Do you know anyone who likes to create drama?  Someone who by
their words and actions likes to create a scene to bring attention to

Unfortunately, I have known some like this.  These kinds of trouble
makers can make life miserable, and the sad thing is that they 
enjoy it.  They love to stir the pot and then walk away and wait for
your reaction.  

I have the solution to those who are stuck in the middle of this
mess ~ two words ~ WALK AWAY!  Don't let yourself get dragged
down to their level.  

Don't think that will be easy, because it won't be.  They will find a
way to draw you back into their drama because it's their life's blood.
Stand tall and put your blinders on.  Refuse to be an actor in their
nasty little scripts.  

Drama can knock on my door all it wants, but I am not answering.
I have more important things to do and think about.  Go away!

Make your world a beautiful place, full of kindness and love.
You are a child of God.  Put on the armor He happily gives you.
Bring joy to this world, not sadness and certainly not unnecessary
drama!  Pray more, worry less.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Amen, Susan. I have worked with several drama queens over the years. I always deflected it by making a joke of it and saying something like--Oh-that is so silly---and would walk away laughing. Those were for the 'stirrers'. I also have had 'criers' that create drama so you will feel sorry for them...and there is a difference between REAL emotions and 'drama induced tears'. Those are the ones that I usually tell that they should probably find a counselor.
    Having 3 teenage grandgirls you would not believe the dramas that girls that age can manufacture in school...not just my grands--ALL of them. It is just kind of crazy and they live and die by all the 'she said/he saids'.

    Great post! xo Diana

  2. Hi Susan. You are SO right. Drama people drain everyone around them. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out what is 'wrong' but it is important to remove yourself from the stress and confusion they create. Sometimes not a simple decision, but important.

  3. Oh my gosh, yessss. I know many people who dwell on drama and it is sometimes difficult to deal with. My husband and I are the most chill people and to be around anyone like that is exhausting. I normally just shut them out.

  4. Wise words, Susan.

    I used to work with a woman who minded her own business. Seriously, how funny is that she stood out like a sore thumb because she kept her mouth shut. She did her job. She was polite. But she did not get involved in any gossip or drama or anything ill at ease. One of the wisest people I have ever known.

  5. Susan,
    You are so right!! I recently made the hard decision to "remove" several family members from my life who were creating drama and stress and I needed to be free of that as it was all deeply affecting me. It was a hard thing to do but my life is all the better for it.

  6. Susan you are giving some great advice! I too have had to remove several family members from my & my husband's lives because these family members were so upsetting. They not only had their drama from within the family, but insisted on carrying their embarrassing spectacles onto social media with mutal friends, and other mutual family members to the point where it did not reflect on us, just them. We were done trying to be nice and have a relationship with them, and cut outselves off from them just for our sanity, no matter how close the family connection. Just because they are family doesn't mean they should be given carte blanche to hurt and disrespect you. Your well being and happiness and emotional health are paramount to good physical health and happy life. Life is too short to be anything but happy, and to Praise Him.


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