Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Feeling So Disorganized

For some reason I am feeling very disorganized.  At the moment, the only
spot in my house that does not seem to be chaotic is my foyer.  Well, that
is not exactly true because I want to find a new front door.  The current one,
which I believe is original to this 69 year old house, does not have a window
in it.  That would not be a problem except for the fact that the foyer does
not have any windows, so I always need to leave a lamp on, even in the
daytime.  Wait a minute ~ this is not a 69 year old house anymore.  It's now
a 70 year old house because it was built in 1948!

So there you have it, another project on the list of many.  I have no idea
why I am so unable to make a decision lately, but it's really giving me
a headache.  I could either choose to do nothing and go read a book,
or I could get busy and make a list and start crossing things off.  The 
decision to do nothing always ends up being a bad decision, so I best
forge on.

The most pressing issue at the moment in a new dishwasher.  Which
one do I choose, Bosch or KitchenAid?  That's the choice, so please
don't confuse me by suggesting others or I will have to take to my bed!
Isn't that what women used to do in historical books?  

When I first started looking at dishwashers, I became very fond of
the Miele brand.  Problem is, that brand is not sold here in Victoria.
Even if it were sold here, no one here can repair one.  It is also more 
difficult to find a repairman for Bosch here in town.  That being said,
it sounds like I have found my answer.  Now I can scratch that
decision off the list.

This foyer is beginning to feel like a waiting room.  It's the waiting room
for my own decision making.

So after the dishwasher is installed, and that fence has been jumped, I
need to place an order for the new flooring for the kitchen.  The reason
for the new flooring is that the old dishwasher leaked and buckled the
floor in the kitchen.  I am putting down an antique brick floor.  I have
been a bit reluctant to start this because of Bentley.  He has been 
adjusting to his loss of sight, and I have not wanted to confuse him
even more.  Over the past month, he seems to have made great
strides in his navigation around the house, and especially out in the
backyard.  I know that moving all the furniture out of the breakfast
room and having guys in here doing the installation will be tough
on him.  As much as I understand how chaotic this will be for him,
I also realize that putting it off any longer won't necessarily make it
any easier for him.

The next project we have been kicking around for a while, is a pool in 
the backyard.  We still have not decided exactly where it is going to
be placed.  We need to add some privacy and safety elements and I 
have been looking at options for that.  The pool and new fencing 
projects will be especially invasive, another hurdle for Bentley, and
I worry about that too.  

Yet another project is pulling out the carpet in the living room.  I really
hate carpet.  I hate vacuuming it and don't want to have to shampoo it
every month.  I find the more it is cleaned, the more often it needs to be
cleaned.  The hardwoods in the foyer extend into the living room.  We
don't know the condition of the flooring under the carpet, but I imagine
it will need to be either refinished or buffed out.  Another big project.
Then there is the dining room.  The previous owner extended the dark
prefinished flooring that is in the kitchen and breakfast room, into the
dining room.  It's pretty, but I want the living and dining room to match.
I'm not sure why they made those decisions.  I think they were too easily
influenced by other's suggestions when they attempted to modernize the
house when they put it on the market.  

The original hardwood flooring is in the master bedroom too.  At the
moment there is carpet in that room and in the hallway at the 
entrance of the master suite and into the dressing room.  I want it
gone.  I know that some people like carpet in a bedroom, but I 
would rather have large area rugs.  

I won't even get into the fact that I need to have the electrician come
out and increase the size of our main breaker box so we can put in
a pool.  Nor will I discuss having to get the sprinkler guy in to redo
the backyard, or the tree trimmer .... etc.  

That's why I am sitting in the foyer.  Trying to organize my thoughts,
make some decisions, and get this train rolling.  Thanks for listening!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I think we all have occasions when we feel disorganized. I know I do. So much, in fact, that I often want to just throw myself onto the floor and stay there! Your foyer, despite the lack of a window, looks lovely. There is something so warm and inviting about soft lamp light. I love your Hitchcock chair. I have a Hitchcock Christmas chair that is stored in the belly of the beast. I really should find a place for it up in the living area. I recently got a new dishwasher, and not to confuse things even more, but mine is a high-end Maytag. I absolutely love it, particularly the fact that it has a built-in chopper, so I don't even have to rinse things before I put them in. It is a wonder!

    1. This Hitchcock chair belonged to my Mama and Daddy. I have two more in the family room. This style is a favorite of mine too.

  2. Seems to me....you are feeling disorganized because you really DO have a list of goals you are trying to manage. Each of these goals have many small decisions to affect their satisfactory outcome. It is overwhelming!
    It, also, seems you have the proper instinct to make a list and start scratching them off as you go. Remember to put at the top of the list----Make a List, once done you will feel so much better! Ha! Take each project and make a timeline that secure projects done in a timely manner. For instance, Your pool project would be most beneficial if completed by summer. Yes? Then you need to consider financial considerations. Unless funds have already been set aside, doing floors, doors and pool could prove to be stressful financially. This may cause some projects to be accelerated or delayed, depending on your particular situation. This may help with what is pressing time wise and what can be set aside for another day. Thus eliminating pressures. Hope this offers some clarity, muddled as it is. Just remember; you don't really have to do anything until you want to. Life will go on, have fun with your dreams. Many of us would love to be in your position. If you can accomplish posting to your blog regularly for years, you can do anything. You are fully capable. Fully creative and organized. You have just forgotten how able you really are. You surely impress me. I appreciate that you keep going. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! You certainly helped to make me feel better and encouraged to press on!!

  3. All first world problems. Take a deep breath. Life is good.

    1. Oh Dear Sweet Susan....it is a pleasure to help you in any small way possible. You have given me many hours of pleasure over the years. I have watched you deal with so many passages. If you ever need to bounce ideas, please feel free. You are a wonderful and sensitive lady. Life can be difficult for souls such as yours. Bless and keep you dear sister.

  4. I chose the Bosch 800 DLX Series Model SHX878WD5N dishwasher for its near silent operating feature (42 dBA) and have not regretted my choice. This is by far the best dishwasher I've ever owned and prefer it over the KitchenAid brand. My two cents. I recommend you consider the Bosch.

    All the best to you. Gabriela

    1. Quietness is why I am considering a Bosch. My problem is if it should break down, it's hard to find anyone who can work on them in this small town, and we are 100 miles away from any major city.

  5. Between Bosch and KitchenAid...you can’t make a wrong decision. I’ve had both, currently on my 2nd Bosch. Quiet running. No dry cycle bc the metal interior stays hot and the heat dries the dishes, if you leave the door close.
    Dear one, may I suggest just writing down all these items to be decided on. Rest. Be kind to yourself to your precious self. And soon enough, you’ll be in a comfortable “decision making” season. Gail

  6. Replies
    1. Hey girlfriend! Wish you were hear and we could discuss further over a glass of sweet tea!


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