Monday, January 15, 2018

A Really Cute New Mug

Today's post is completely frivolous.  No hidden meanings, no preaching,
no thought provoking issues ...just a cuteness overload.

Saturday, David and I drove to SugarLand, just to the west of Houston.
It's about a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive from our town.  Our main mission was
two fold.  One, go to Pappasito's for lunch and two, go to Costco for a
big stock up.  If you ever get a chance to go to Pappasito's, I highly
recommend the Grilled Salmon and Mango salad.  Delicious!

There is a Home Goods store near the First Colony mall.  Of course,
I had to stop in to "look around".  "Look Around" is an all purpose
term meaning, browsing with intent to purchase.  Well, the store was
both packed with shoppers and merchandise.  I purchased a new non-stick
skillet, some bath towels, some soft pink no slip padded hangers, two picture
frames and I spotted this adorable mug.

Trust me, I don't need this mug.  By no stretch of the imagination 
would this be a necessary purchase.  This would be a purchase just
for the shear happiness because I think it is so darn cute!

And the added bonus is this ....

the flip side says "Hello There"!   There was no way this mug was
going to be left behind, and into the cart it went.

Of course, then I thought, hmm, I wonder if they have more than one?

And they did!  Now, if you should stop by to spend some time with 
me in my studio, we can both have a cuteness overload mug for our
coffee or tea or whatever.

Ain't life grand?  Wishing you a wonderful day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Good morning Susan. What a great day you had and the mug is to cute. I would have had that come home with me too and I do not even drink coffee lol! That salad for lunch sounds so good. Glad you had a great day out.

  2. I have been dying to get out ever since the holidays ended, but two days after Christmas I was laid low with the flu, and still seem to be in its evil hands. January is such a depressing month that shopping is definitely called for, and Home Goods is on my list. This mug is adorable! The bird on the handle was enough to make me fall in love, but the floral front, and text on the back makes this the best purchase ever! I'd love to be able to join you for a cup of coffee or tea so that I could drink out of one of these adorable mugs. Great purchase!

  3. Ahh--yes if I ever get to Texas I will drop in and we can have a cuppa tea in that delightful mug set--
    enjoy, di

  4. The little birdie on the mug makes it extra adorable. Super cute find! Jane

  5. I love all of the floral in your house and I love that sweet little mug and how you set up that lovely vignette!


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