Monday, January 22, 2018

I Love Antique Green

I have gone through so many decorating stages in my life.  I went through
my very contemporary stage, then a boho stage, and then a very eclectic stage.

Somewhere along the line, I developed a love for American and British
antiques.  While I love red and of course blue, and use both colors
liberally in my home, I also love the restful antique or sage greens.

They well on their own, or paired with other more vibrant colors,
and used as a peaceful back drop.

This color was used much more often in the past than it seems to be
used today, and I think that is a shame.  Of course, trends come and go
and it's sure to find it's way back to the decorating scene once again.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley 


  1. I have a thing for green vintage planters. Designs and colors are amazing.

  2. I think green is making a come back. It may not be the exact shade of sage but I'm seeing a lot more of it. I love green!

    1. I hope so. I am getting very tired of gray. While gray can be striking, it can be depressing too.


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