Saturday, March 8, 2014

Choosing To Be Happy #1

Life has been especially difficult for me in the past few weeks as you
all know.  In fact, life has been difficult for the past ten plus years.  I 
have had so much responsibility caring for elderly parents.  The constant
doctor and hospital visits.  The frightening middle of the night phone
calls.  The inability to have any kind of life of my own.  While I accepted 
this responsibility gladly, it does take it's toll.  I have experienced many a
sleepless night, many panic attacks and the overwhelming fatigue that
comes with all of the perpetual stress.

While I will never stop missing my parents, nor will I stop being concerned about
my Aunt's ill health, it's time for me to move forward with my life.  I should not
feel guilty about pursuing happiness.  I have done my job.  It's time to close my 
eyes at night and dream sweet dreams without fear over a middle of the night 
phone call.

It's time to start enjoying favorite pastimes once again.

By the way, all of these illustrations are by Susan Wheeler. 
I have always loved her art work.  Her scenes just take me to
a cozy, homey place and make me feel happy.

Life is a gift.   It's important to enjoy each moment of it.  It's really
not a selfish thing, because when one is happy it's impossible not
to spread that happiness around.

Happiness does not cost a penny.  We can find happiness anywhere.
It's our happy attitude that changes everything.

I am being kind to myself.  Giving myself time to heal.  Time to refresh
and renew my soul.  I am choosing to be happy and my goal is to ...

spread this happiness around!

Come on Bentley ~ let's go get comfy on the sofa and watch season one
of the Mary Tyler Moore Show on dvd.  It's your Aunt Robin's 
favorite show, and mine too!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Boy you sound like me.. Im now caring for my Mom who has been ill for a long while now.. but we now are at the end of the rope.. no longer can walk of barely talk.. barely eating etc... but I also deal with a drug addict brother who lives with her he is very verbal abusive.. I'm burnt out missing our communication.. etc.. I glad you can go and start your life once again.. and I praise you for you taking care of your parents.. its what we are suppose to do.. I also took care of my dad cause mom wouldn 't.. God forbid one day we will be in those shoes.. with much love Janice.. I adore these photos...

  2. Susan ~ my sweet, sweet sister, I live by this ~ " Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and that is why they call it the present" ~ live by this and you WILL fulfill everything you wish.
    Many (((Hugs)))

  3. You sound so much better! You are so right, be happy and know that your parents are happy too. Love her art too!

  4. We all must do what is right with our soul.
    Have a fun and blessed Sunday.
    xo bj

  5. I've been where you're at! And you are right, you have done your job, your parents cared for you, and you, in turn, cared for them. I too cared for my Mom, my Mother-in-law and my Aunt...and they are all gone now, and I have no regrets. I loved them dearly, I will miss them all forever, but I have had to move on. I love your blog, and your little Bentley, enjoy yourself, it's your turn!!

  6. Susan, I'm happy for you that you are feeling some peace. You need to allow yourself happiness. That's what your parents want for you. Take care.

  7. Sweet Susan, you are choosing the exact right thing. I'm proud of you. It does take a toll on you trying to do and be all you can for your parents. It's your time to lighten up. I've even caught myself feeling a little guilty for enjoying myself at times! That's just not right - God has given us our lives to live them abundantly and we need to live each day to its fullest! You go girl!
    Be a sweetie,

  8. You are now able to explore new paths and that is a good thing. The bunnies are so cute, I like the bunnies in the bunk beds especially.

  9. All sounds good. Wonderful attitude for Us to learn to have as Our own.I love Susan's work too and for the same reason.Blessings Denise

  10. Susan, Have you seen the movie Miss Potter? It stars Rene Zellweger. It is a wonderful movie of Beatrix Potter the author of Peter Rabbit and living your life. Please watch it if you haven't I think you will enjoy it in more ways than you anticipate.

    I wish you well. You have been a good person.


  11. Dear Susan:

    You have been through so much and have tried all along to do the right thing. You had a huge move and took such loving care of your mom. I'm so happy to hear that now you are taking care of yourself. You deserve it.

    The illustrations in your post are adorable. They make me smile and hopefully make you smile as well. It sounds like you're coming round. I am so sorry for your loss and wish you well.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  12. You are on the right path and doing what I am sure your loved ones want you to be doing. I wish you all the strength and happiness in the world. And thank you so much for coming by my's been a long time but I so understand. :)


  13. You've done your best, now it's time for you to own your life again and go on with your parents and their love in your heart. You'll go on loving them and you'll never forget. Have a good Sunday. Tina

  14. You're making progress, Susan, in choosing to be happy. I do know what you are going through and have been reading through your last posts. I'm sorry about your dear Aunt that you now must worry about. I had to make the same choice of finding happiness and still must remind myself. One thing for sure, we only have this one life and we must make the best of it. Your sweet little Susan Wheeler drawings sure brought a smile to my face. I wish I could share my caramel corn with you, as you and Bentley snuggle together while watching your DVD. Big Texas hugs right back to you!

  15. Sounds like a perfect plan! I just read two new books about the MTM show - one was titled "Mary & Lou & Rhoda & Ted" by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, the other "This Is Your Captain Speaking" by Gavin MacLeod. Fabulous insights into each actor and how the show was made. BTW love your Susan Wheeler prints, definitely happy. And now we also have Daylight Savings Time to enjoy!

    Hugs ~ Mary

  16. when you care for anyone who is ill it consumes your life. I had a very ill husband for 2 years it has been constant. Now that he is back on his feet I take every opportunity to go with friends and do what makes me happy. It is good to see life outside of ourselves. Good for you take back your life and live it as joyously as you can it is your time.

  17. Happiness is a good choice, especially after the years you've devoted. No one will begrudge you this time, so embrace it!!.........guilt-free and open-hearted!

  18. It's such a good thing to feel peace and happiness. I'm wishing you and Bentley a beautiful Spring. Love the cute illustrations.

  19. Oh, such sweet illustrations, Susan! I enjoyed each and every one of them. You are right about having choices. Every day, we can make a choice about happiness or a million other things. One of the most important to me is about with whom we choose to spend our time. At my age, I am trying to choose positive people - makes my choice of happiness easier!!

  20. I am so far behind in visiting around blogs, and have just now read about your Mother. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Sounds like you are going in the right direction by finding some happiness and peace in your life. ((hugs)).
    Take care of yourself !

  21. You deserve happiness and peace in your life and should do what you need to do to find it. I wish you sweet dreams! Love these illustrations too!


  22. I was in those same shoes for a decade and it has taken four years to begin to recover my energy. It becomes a way of life and is very easy to fill those care giving hours with another needing care. You just cannot sustain that for any longer and maintain your health and sanity. It is a very wise choice you have made and I wish you days full of happiness and peace.

  23. I hope you find an abundance of happiness.
    When you think of your parents I hope only good memories come to mind.
    I hope you and Bentley enjoy your season of Mary Tyler Moore.
    Have a wonderful week.

  24. My husband and I went through what you just went through with our four parents, variations on the theme of life and death. Take a deep breath, move forward and remember all the good memories.

  25. What a touching post. I'm wiping away a tear or two. Take good care of yourself. Enjoy some well-deserved time pampering yourself and finding some new happy memories to mix with your beautiful past.

  26. Susan,

    I feel that you are a naturally happy-go-lucky girl, at heart! Could it be that you have once again found that splendour? I hope so; if anything, your sweet images have tapped into my young, carefree days! Thanks for introducing me to Ms. Wheeler's talent; she must be a happy person, too!

    Have a wonderful day!


  27. My dear Sister, I so wish I was on the sofa with you and Bentley in our jammies, sipping wine and watching Mary!~ xoxo!!!

  28. I know this is an older post, but just had to tell you how it touched me. I am going through the same issues with a 91 year old father-in-law, a 88 y/o MIL, and an 85 y/o mother. It is so stressful and impacts our daily schedule so much. We planned to enjoy our lives once we retired, yet I long for my old work life as at least it was only 40 to 50 hours per week! I know I sound selfish, but I long for a life.


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