Friday, March 21, 2014

The Week in Review

It's Friday already.  Wow this has been a speedy week.  It seems like just
yesterday that I was in Houston with David for a fun shopping trip, but
that was last Saturday.  So what have I been doing?  Well to start with I
have been painting.  No, not craft painting, but rather this kind of painting ...

I painted this little chest for the re-do of Mom's room.  It's not quite finished yet
and I have a few more touches to make, but I like it better than the way it
looked before which was this version below ...

I painted over the gold and all that vintage antiquing.  I think the lines of 
the piece show up better now.

I spent some time with my miniatures.  I have become completely obsessed 
with them.  Notice I have no pies or cakes yet.  I must do something about
that!  What's a cake plate without a cake???

My plate addiction has now carried over into the miniature realm.  That's
a good thing because I have absolutely no more room in any full size
cupboard or hutch or sideboard in this house for any more dishes! 
And this set is what arrived this week ... 

Look at this adorable rose covered tureen, platter, gravy boat, dishes and bowls.
I tell you what ~ I am smitten!

And finally, there is the new set of fireplace tools for the mini fireplace.
No logs yet.  Maybe after I get some pie and cake I can get some logs
too so the fairies can have dessert and tea by the fire ;-)

Happy Friday and Happy Spring Everyone!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. All so charming a cozy! I hope you made some time for our girl, Mary!
    xoxo, Bentley!

  2. What t a complete delight. I love visiting you and your mini collection ~ sigh ~ swoon!
    Love the night table. It looks fabulous
    Have a wonderful weekend Susan ((Hugs)))

  3. That chest looks so much better. The French provincial (before) was so poplar in the 6 0's. Love yours and Claudia's doll house. They look like your own homes. You are keeping so busy. Hope you are doing okay.

  4. Your paint brushes are in wonderful condition mine are a mess.
    The chest is looking good.

  5. That nightstand changed like night & day!! Lol, 100% better. Good job. Gotta say the mini fanatic in me loves that sage green & white hutch!! The dishes are exquisite. As for the logs for your fireplace, do you have a Michaels or a Hobby Lobby close by? If so, get yourself a mini log size dowel & chop yourself some firewood!! A little paint & wa la; fireplace logs! Well I'm off to make some mini bird houses. Thanks for sharing your lovelies w' us all. Have a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs))), Deb.

  6. Hi Susan...Love the way the chest looks now, too! Great job!

    And the miniatures? Fabulous. It's so easy to get smitten, isn't it ? I'm equally addicted. Susan

  7. I love a week in review in case I missed something. Of course, every loooong post I write is like a year in review. ha!

    The chest has a new life. I love it!


  8. Darling minis, Susan. I'm glad you are having fun with this. ;-)

  9. You might be on to something there. I am so out of space that miniature dishes may be the way to go.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  10. Your miniatures are delightful and I've enjoyed seeing you add to your collection. My first miniature house is now under construction and it has been such fun to plan the wallpaper, furniture and decor...the addition of accessories makes the rooms come to life and the ones you have selected are charming. Keep enjoying the search for lovely little things!


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