Friday, March 14, 2014

Shopping the Cottage for Mom's Room

Those of you who follow me know that my Mom passed away last month
and that I have been planning a big renewal of her bedroom in her
memory.  In preparation of doing that, I have been going through her
things and choosing ones that had special meaning to her.  I will be
tweaking these things a bit to give them a fresher and newer look
while maintaining their integrity.  This item was one of her favorites.

Mom picked up this night stand at a consignment shop.  While I like the
lines of the piece, I think it really needs a facelift.  Mom thought so too
and it was one of the things we discussed doing so I know she would
not mind me shaking it up a bit.

Here is another piece she loved.  This little occasional table has a marble top
and I also think it has real potential.  I have some ideas ...

More ideas for these two matching pieces.

Mom had two of these matching prints.  I will be using these for sure.

I repainted this chair for Mom a few years ago.  It used to have a brownish
pickled finish, but we both liked it so much better after I painted it an
off white.  I am recovering the seat with this fabric.  You may recall that 
the other day I showed you a little foot stool I painted and recovered with this 
same fabric.  No wonder it looks familiar to you.

This lamp ... well more ideas.  I especially want to do some tweaking to
that shade.

Oh and I have some ideas for this base too.

And another piece.  Mom had a real love for columns.  Maybe she lived
in Rome in another lifetime ;-)  All joking aside, this column will be used

So while I am finishing some of the tweaking in my studio, and 
deciding on a paint color for it's walls, I will be busy shopping around
my cottage for just the right elements for Mom's room.  Stay tuned for
more updates and have a great weekend!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. The items that you picked are really nice and I know she would have liked that. How is your Aunt Susan doing? You said she was ill and in the hospital. Hope she is home now and feeling much better.
    You and Bentley have a great weekend. Stay busy that helps.

  2. Susan I can see this is giving you great comfort as you work on your Mom's room and I think this is a very healing thing. I look forward to seeing what you do with this room.

  3. It looks like your mom had some great pieces.
    They should keep you busy for a bit.
    Can't wait to see how they turn out.

  4. That's very sweet to have a room full of things your Mom loved. My whole bedroom set was that French Provincial style like the night stand when I was a kid. I remember begging my Mom to buy it and how I promised I would keep my room clean if I got it :)

  5. Love will live on in the precious little details you craft with your caring hands.

  6. It is too soon but in the future you will look and handles your mother's things and smile. I know now you feel like crying every time...but soon the remembering will be easier. Great little marble top table, I have a daughter who loves columns too.Take care

  7. can't wait to see what you do with youe mom's special pieces, Susan. I know she would have approved of it all. xo Laura

  8. Susan, it's so neat to me that you have nice things from your mom that you can use. It's also neat that she would have wanted you to tweak them and make them prettier. No guilt, just wonderful memories in your home of your mom.


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