Friday, March 7, 2014

Yet Another Heartache

The morning before my Mom died, my Aunt Susan fell and broke her leg.  She was
taken to the hospital but the doctors were unable to perform the surgery necessary to
insert a pin to give the bone stability because for some unknown reason her white 
blood cell count was elevated.  After a few days a successful surgery was performed
and her health seemed to be on an upswing.

Within the past few days her blood sugar became elevated.  She never ever had a problem 
with it before and there is no history of diabetes in our family.  She is  has never
 been overweight.  In fact, she has always been very careful of her weight because
she was once a model in New York City.  She has always been so fashionable.
  A real Audrey Hepburn type, stylish and elegant.  She was my role model.

So how the blood sugar became so elevated is yet a mystery.  I have been
talking to her on the phone every day.  She has helped me through my
grief and I have kept her company during her hospital stay.  We have been
closer than ever over the past few weeks.

But yesterday she took a turn for the worse.  She started to accumulate 
fluid in her lungs and has now been diagnosed with congestive heart
failure.  Aunt Susan had open heart surgery about three years ago and 
the surgery was successful and her most recent report from her 
cardiologist was good.  

I am worried.  Aunt Susan is my Mom's youngest and only living sibling. I am not
ready to lose her too.  I never heard her discuss her own death before, but last night
she did.  I know her life is in God's hands, but I am praying that He will let us
be together in this life a bit longer.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley  


  1. Dear Susan, I am so very sorry you are going through this so soon after your mom's passing. I know that you are such a comfort to your Aunt; I'm sure it means the world to her. Words sound so hollow concerning this but please know you will both be in my prayers.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Susan this is such sad news. I am keeping your Aunt and you in my prayers.

  3. I am supposing you were named after her? I am so sorry, Susan. Life is just dishing out so much for you right now.

  4. Oh Susan, my heart is just aching for you. I will keep both of you in my prayers. I hope you have much more time together. xo Laura

  5. That's so much to deal with, I'm praying for you sweetness. Love you, Mary

  6. Oh it is so hard when we are confronted with possible losses in quick succession. In 2003 within the period of one month, we experienced the loss of my daughter's father-in-law, the aunt I had always been closest to, and my mother! I was reeling from one blow to the next. So I do understand how difficult your days must seem. You have my most heartfelt sympathy that you are going through such a emotionally draining time.

  7. Oh Susan, I'm so sorry to hear this. Praying for you both!

  8. Oh dearest Susan, just ouch.

    I am praying for your Auntie and for you, too.

    I am so sorry for your pain.

    Lovely pictures of your porch tea area. I so wish I were there with you to sip and hug and talk.

  9. I am sorry this has happened, I hope your auntie makes a full recovery.

  10. I am so sorry to hear this! I will keep you and your aunt in prayer !

  11. Oh, Susa, I'm so sorry to hear this about your dear aunt! Praying for you and your aunt.
    Shelia ;)

  12. Oh Susan I am so sorry you are going through all of this...praying for you and your aunt!

  13. So Sorry. You have your heart just full of aches right now. Please remember to take care of yourself and Bentley of course. (((((HUGS)))))

  14. Susan ~~ you are really going through trying times. I pray the Lord's blessings on you and your family. I pray the Lord takes your Aunt Susan in his hands. No matter how this turns out, it is the way it should be. Lean on HIM for strength I wish again that I could be there with you. My big hugs are coming your way and my prayers NEVER cease.

  15. Bless your heart. I'm so sorry. I will be sending prayers your way.

  16. Susan, I know how painful this is. Just two weeks after we buried my mom, I lost my aunt. Hers was so unexpected, and the doctors could find no reason. I think it was simply a broken heart.
    Know that you are in my thoughts.

  17. I am soo sorry for all you are going through I pray that your Aunt will get through this as will you !

  18. Suggestion. Find out every med they've been giving her. Take the list to a pharmacist you trust and find out if there are any she shouldn't be taking at the same time. Also, find out what the possible side effects are for each med. Went through a similiar situation with my Mom and after none of the doctors could figure out what was wrong, I checked with the pharmacist. He immediately said she had classic symptoms of an allergic reaction to sulphonamides. Unfortunately, that's something that's often in some blood pressure meds, antibiotics, and meds to counteract fluid retention (swelling and congestive heart failure). These allergic reactions happen a lot more than they are willing to admit. Hope this helps. Take care.

  19. So sad for you & Aunt Susan, sending my prayers.

  20. Oh Susan, I am so sad to hear about your Aunt Susan. I read what Annie said and it is a good idea to check on these things. Some medications can increase sugar in your blood. I will be praying for your dear sweet Aunt's speedy recovery.
    Hang in there.

  21. Dearest Susan and ALL of your Family; I am Praying for all of you.....
    God is holding your Aunt Susan in the palm of his hand.
    God Bless you ALL.

  22. I am so sorry to read this and I am sending my thoughts and prayers to you and your family at this anxious time x

  23. Dear Susan,

    You have been through such a trying time of late. I sincerely wish that your sweet Aunt Susan is feeling better and on the mend. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Take care.



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