Monday, March 3, 2014

A Fireside Chat

A new fireplace arrived today for the Texas Rosebud Cottage.  Can't wait 
to put it inside the dollhouse (still not built) but I can have fun
tweaking until it is.

Earlier today, before the mini fireplace arrived, I was busy with paper work
settling my Mom's estate.  I needed an insurance policy which is in the locked
file cabinet in the garage.  I grabbed the key to the file cabinet and went out into
the breezeway that separates the house from the garage.  I realized that I 
forgot to bring the key to the garage and turned to go back inside the house.
Then I discovered that the door into the house was locked.  Drats!  So I
went around to the backyard and figured I would get in one of the porch
doors.  Both doors locked!  I walked over to the French doors that enter 
into Mom's room.  I knew that door was locked, but one can hope...

It was about 30 degrees outside.  No coat, no cell phone, no way to get into
the house.  I am in my jammies and bathrobe (wouldn't you know) and the only
close neighbor is next to us.  Their little dog Toby was out in the yard, but the
nanny's car was gone and I knew she must be running errands before she 
picked up Dodson from morning preschool.  

Then I see the mailman starting to approach our house.  Ran around front
and caught him just in time and was able to use his cell phone to call
David.  Fortunately Victoria is a small town and David only works about
ten minutes away, so he was able to come home and rescue me.

So I was back on track with my mission to call the insurance agency.
Found the policy.  Found their phone number.  Dialed and waited for them
to answer.  I was greeted with a message that they were closed today because
of the bad storm in their area.  

Oh well, I could just make myself a cup of tea and sit by the fire, but after
the day I have been having I might just want something a bit stronger ;-)

I am feeling a bit better and am starting some major tweaking projects so
there will be more later.  Until then please visit:

Bentley was so cute while I was stuck outside the house.  He kept 
looking at me as if to say "just open the door mom".

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. BRRRRRRRRR Thank goodness for the mailman! :)

  2. I'm glad your story ended well. You had me nervous. I think dollhouse therapy is just what you need right now. Keep finding time to play in between all the paperwork. Hugs!!

  3. I don't know if the other message went through. Anyway you sound better. Glad the mailman came around. Of course you wouldn't be dressed. Have a better week.

  4. So glad you were able to call and get back in the house! Sounds like you are doing well, so happy to hear that. Hugs!

  5. I was just talking about hiding a key outside the house yesterday. Thank goodness it wasn't any colder than it was and you were able to get back in fairly quickly. Glad that you are feeling better, my friend. xo Laura

  6. Now that is embarrassing, but glad you were able to call for rescue. Now you can work on training Bentley to unlock the door, in case it happens again.

  7. Don't you just hate when something like that happens? I've had the same thing happen and of course, John was out of town, all the neighbors were at work.........I always say I'm going to hide a key and finally did. Hope it never happens again.

    Glad you're doing better. Prayers still going up for you during this time of transition.


  8. To be locked outside in summer is bad enough but winter when it 's very cold that could be very hard .

  9. Nothing to make you feel more foolish than when you're locked outside in cold weather in your jammies while your pet is inside laughing at you. (Yeah, they're laughing...)

  10. Oh my what a thing to have happen , when ya least expect it all the doors are locked go figure ! I am glad you were able to call hubs and he unlock the doors and that you are feeling better . Cute fireplace looks cozy . Yup pets are like that looking cute yet laughing at ya from the inside lol . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  11. Oh my goodness ~ you have me chuckling. At the time it is not so funny, but after it's all good. I remember doing the same thing. Mr. V and I came home from a close friends funeral, he said to me ~ do you have the keys? No ~ didn't you bring them. I ended up crawling into the back window (with a dress on ~ no less) ~ but we got in.
    Your mailman must have been smiling all day ~ your knight in shining armor (something out of Mary Tyler Moore)

  12. I just love all your miniatures! I know you have a kit waiting to be built, but as I recently discovered, there are some online miniature shops that are offering already built doll houses. The choices are limited, but I recently purchased my Vermont Jr. It came fully built, hardwood floors installed - now I have the fun of doing my own wallpaper, etc. It even came with all of the baseboard, mouldings, etc. already cut and painted white, ready for me to install after the wallpapering. Glad you weren't stuck outside for too long :)

  13. Thinking about you and including you in my prayers.

  14. Your day sounds like something that could happen to me.
    I wouldn't have a cute little Bentley looking out at me but I would have 2 cats saying ha go away.
    Yes the cats are the fiancés.

  15. Feel so bad for you being locked outside in the cold...good thing for small towns. I love the pictures of your miniatures!!

  16. Glad your feeing better! Stay warm and cozy inside .

  17. Hope you are nice and warm now. So glad you didn't have to stay outside too terribly long...brrrr!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always Love meeting new friends!!

  18. Glad to know that the post man was near by to come to the rescue. It was cold here!
    Your little vignette looks cozy, and hopefully that means you are beginning to feel a bit better. Expect ups and downs, and take care of yourself, Susan.


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