Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Do jou remember "jellies"?  I remember having a pair of pink ones.
I loved them at the time and thought they were fun.  It's one of those
fashion trends that went away (some say thankfully) but now it
seems ...

they're back!

It's the JR Jelly collection from Jack Rogers!  At $68 they are a bit pricey
for flip flops, but not your typical flip flop ~ they are super cute!

Actually it's not the first time that jellies have returned.  Tory Burch brought
them back with her ballerina flat jelly ...

also cute

But I am thinking that I like the Navajo JR Jelly in turquoise
of course!  Fun for the beach that's for sure.  When summer does
arrive.  Notice I'm not saying "if" I am saying "when".

Big Texas Gulf Coast Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I never wore jellies. Thinking the TB flat is pretty cute. Wonder if it comes in turquoise. ;-)

  2. Yep, remember them and loved them. Now I have Croc huaraches - different colors, different styles (flip flops, wedge heel). I ended up getting 4 over the course of the last year with discounts, as they're expensive. But...they're less expensive than the jellies above which surprised me! I get them online and they're under Women, Wedges and Sandals (I think it's titled). I think you'd really like them and they're incredibly comfortable...

    1. I have never worn Crocs. I know ~ where have I been! As close as I have been to Crocs are my garden clogs. I don't exactly know why, but I never bought a pair. I must check out the new styles.

  3. I never wore jellies, but I bought so many pairs for my daughter. She loved them, when they were "in style" and they did come in fun colors!

  4. I don't think they ever left..I know they've been around the last several years..

  5. I had a bright pink pair and loved them. They always seemed to give me blisters - - never stopped me from wearing them. LOL


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