Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crafty Hearts

This past Christmas I put up a little white tree in my studio and decorated
it with vintage pink ornaments and white lights.  I enjoyed the tree so
much that I felt sad about taking it down.  

So instead of taking down the whole tree, I just took off the Christmas
ornaments and decided I would put hearts on the tree for Valentine's Day.
I started making little fabric hearts and then as usual my muse entered 
the scene and the next thing I knew, sewing notions were being added
as well.

It all seemed appropriate for my studio.

Tape measures, baby rick rack, buttons and pin cushions are
now decorations on the branches.

Familiar things used in a different way.

Paper doilies have been tweaked.

With a vintage Valentine card as a tree topper.
Frivolous fun!

Bentley has decided he is a cat.  He brought in a dead bird from
the garden this afternoon.  I had a hard time getting it away from
him.  Made me feel sad too.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Cute valentine tree, Susan. The sewing notions and heart doilies are perfect accents.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. What a fab idea. Sue So pretty. Sad about the bird.....But Bentley was just showing his mum.

  3. So cute! I did something like that with my white tree this year also!

  4. What a darling tree! So sweet and dainty and Valentiney looking. Love it. How far from Houston are you?


    1. I am 2 hours from Houston. I go there quite often. It's a bit like going home for me because I lived there for ten years.

  5. Oh Brenda, the birds have just covered my bird feeder outside my kitchen window this winter. Each morning I stand in the window watching as I have my first cup of hot spiced tea. Today my cat killed one of the 4 Quail who come to feed each day. I am heart broken. But that is the way of nature...unfortunately.

  6. I love this idea, the ornaments are sweet and adorable.

  7. Beautiful heart tree. All the little hearts are so adorable.

  8. That is the sweetest thing ever. We have a Vday tree too but in red but I just adore the little buttons and the white tree. I have been wanting a little white tree for a while cause they are just so light and cheery and bright.

  9. Cute, little tree, Susan! I kept mine up last year and decked it out as a Valentine tree. It was sweet, too...enjoy yours for a few more weeks!
    following you ,now on G+

  10. I LOVE it!!! I have a white tree I bought (on sale) before Christmas....had vintage red cookie cutters on it. I am going to put glittery hearts on it.....soon I hope!! :) I also thought it would be great for St. Pats and Easter and July 4th! We are on the same page!

    HPS!! Dana

  11. Simply delightful! Today is the Go Red campaign to share our reds and find a cure for heart disease! Your pretty tree fits perfectly. HPS Hugs to you and Bentley.

  12. This is so sweet!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  13. Oh Bentley - silly boy! Your tree is so precious. Love the little pincushion and tea cups!

  14. Love your little tree! So cheerful. Poor Bentley. He's experiencing some confusion.

  15. That little tree can be used for any occasion nicely. It looks great the ways you have used it so far.

  16. What a cute fun idea and very fitting for a studio..

  17. That is just the darn most adorably and perfect thing I have seen in a long time ! Its because I love to sew !

  18. Hello! What a beautiful tree , I really like it!

  19. Hi Susan, What an awesome idea. I Valentines "love" it. Everything you put on your tree looks amazing.

    Bentley's bird story reminded me of my dad's Yorkie several years ago. We were taking a walk with Frederick and my dad remarked, "This was the best he has ever been on a walk." As we arrived back home we noticed Frederick had a dead bird in his mouth. He was so proud of himself. It had been run over by a car and so nasty. Frederick had a huge dog fit when it was taken away. Ha! Thanks for the memory. Poor Bentley and the poor little bird.

  20. How incredibly cute!!! This is the way to stretch that decor out and enjoy it for all the prettiness it is! TOO cute to include the measuring thing. (I don't sew, so I have no idea what it's actually called. How sad for me!)

    I think it's great that you're enjoying all the fun of Valentine's Day!!! I need to get in the spirit!!!

  21. oh i do love this! and since i have one of those white trees which i put up at christmas i have a feeling it just might get decorated for valentines day! happy pink saturday! xo

  22. Your Valentine tree is adorable. The sewing spin you put on the Valentine heart theme is very nice. Will be featuring this post on my Tuesday post.Happy Pink Saturday!

  23. Susan, I love, love, love this. It is darling - and so festive and pretty, too. I know you must smile every time you look at it. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Pink Saturday.♥

  24. Such a cute idea!

    Popped by from Pink Saturday.

  25. Susan, Your tree is just ADORABLE!!! Perfect in the sewing room with those sweet little hearts and sewing notions.
    I LOVE it! Hope you can share it with us.

  26. Beautiful tree!! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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